Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday

Birthday Numero Uno and some family medical dramz {gallbladders! more ear infections!} made this week sail by... Thankfully, we're celebrating Friday in relative good health {and with new antibiotics} and linking up with April for a little FoF action...


I've jumped on the One Second Everyday bandwagon, and I'm super jazzed to record 2016 in true, millennial ADD fashion! I was late to the game so my January compilation is a bit weak on video footage, but I still love seeing a snapshot of each of our days.  I've remembered to bust out video mode everyday in February thus far, so hopefully I'll have something a bit more dynamic to share next month! 


Another app that gets a major thumbs-up from me is ArtKive.  L {and to a lesser extent, B} come home every school day with several priceless art projects.  Eac,h and every scribble is a treasure...but our home only has space for so many masterpieces! The really, really spectacular offerings I save in an under-the-bed type Tupperware {or frame!}, but everything else gets a close-up headshot and then an upload to ArtKive {and, finally, recycled surreptitiously}.  I can add a date and caption {"almost 4" is the perfect age for hilarious art descriptions!}, as well as categorize each work by child and school year. Once each kiddo's digital portfolio is nice and fat, I'll order a book of it all as an End of the School Year gift. EZPZ -- and KonMari approved! 


I meant to do some sort of Favorite Things of 2015 post but just never got my rear in gear.  If I'd been appropriately industrious, these LifeFactory stemless wine glasses would top my list!  I am absolutely obsessed with them -- they come in super fun colors, are practically unbreakable {fabulous for patios, rambunctious child-friendly zones, and butterfingers alike}, and are pleasurably ergonomical {if this isn't the most first-world description of all time, I don't know what is}.  Get you some.


I am totally okay with getting straight-up political in this space.  Embrace it or step aside. {That post is excellent and pretty much sums up my Hilary vs. Bernie ALL-CAPS, QUITE STRONG FEELINGS.} {I'm also going to drop this piece from last October's Elle here for shits and giggles and tortured feminist affiliations.}


I just purchased this dress, and it is super comfortable and flattering.  We're headed to Scottsdale for a partnership retreat soon, and I'm definitely tossing this one in my suitcase!

Cheers to the freakin' weekend, yes?! 

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Monday, February 1, 2016

February Frenzy


Rabbit, rabbit! It's time to bust out the birthday banner and ceremonial balloon wreath, because we like to hit February full-force around here.  E, L, and I will each gain an extra digit this month, as will three special members of our extended family. 

We'll also travel to Dallas to celebrate E's new law partner status {woot-woot!} and to Scottsdale for a partnership retreat.  And I suppose we'll pause to acknowledge love and chocolate and Hallmark somewhere in there, too.  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that fun.  Time to plot those strategic uppers! 

We jumped the gun just a tad on E's 34th and partied down this past weekend. I made Smitten Kitchen's Carrot Graham Layer Cake, and, let me tell y'all, you've never tasted anything so {here it comes... the M word...} moist and delicious {toot, toot goes my own horn}.  I'm not surprised as Deb never steers me wrong, but this one was beyond tasty. I did two layers instead of three {just cooked the pans about 20 minutes instead of 15} and omitted the butter from the icing {I never add butter to cream cheese frosting, making the final product practically health food}, but otherwise followed the recipe to a T.  I recommend you do the same ASAP. 

L told me she'd like "dis ci-monny carrot cake" for her 5th birthday {funfetti cupcakes are already a go for her 4th}, and B demolished his slice in about 5 seconds once he realized it wasn't just a canvas for some candle sculpting. 

We also dined at Uchi {love that the only photo I could manage without semi-public shaming by my family depicts zero sushi...even though we consumed pounds of it} on Saturday night with my parentals, which was actually a YAY YOU'RE A PARTNER NOW LET'S EAT RAW FOODS supper, but the proximity to birthdays allows for a double-dip celebration, methinks. Much like Chardonnay, I always claim a dislike of sushi / sashimi, but then I remember: no, I just don't like the mediocre stuff. I'm an asshole like that.  I'm now convinced Tyson Cole could bring me anything from his kitchen, and I'd eat it happily, then dream about it for days afterward. 

Our other E's Birthday Weekend activity was more hiking with the kidlets on the greenbelt.  This adventure included a little easy {well, easy on the way up} rock climbing which both chickadees loved. 

Signing off to do a little wrapping for the Real Deal Birthday tomorrow... pretty jazzed about that leftover cake!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fashion Five on Friday

That cutesy alliteration kinda makes my teeth hurt, but I'm just going to roll with it...

Linking up with April & Co. today to share some recent materialistic marvels -- for adults and kidlets alike!

*Only Amazon links are affiliate.  Click away without fear of blogger monetary gain everywhere else! 


Lysse Leggings {with a fancy-pants accent over the e in Lysse} - My friend Erin recently texted me in the middle of a random Wednesday afternoon, ordering me to stop whatever I was doing and get my butt to Nordstrom to buy these leggings.  Trusting her infinite wisdom, I did the next best thing and ordered them online.  I was a little skeptical of $78 leggings, but they truly are amazing!  I purchased the Seamed Ponte Knit Control Top pair in black and they are super thick and sucky-in-y while being ridiculously comfortable.  I'm not always Team Leggings As Pants, but with this pair, I'm 100% on board.  My mom, who has apparently been holding out on me as she already knew about Lysse when I tried to share this "hot tip," raves about the jegging style to go with tall boots and tunics.  And I have my eye on the leather trimmed pair.  J also recommends googling for the best price -- Amazon, Zappos, and various other retailers carry the Lysse brand. 

{awkwardly modeling #1 and #2}


Lush Perfect Roll-Tab Tunic - I think this is old news, but these tunic tops from Nordstrom's Junior department are fantastical.  So easy to throw on with skinny jeans or leggings {with plenty of booty and FUPA coverage from the shirt-tail hem}, layer on a vest or scarf when it's cold, and feel like maybe you 63% nailed a Pinterest-inspired look {which is about the most I can hope for when it comes to casual wear these days}.  At $25 a pop, I bought the Legion Blue {which I promptly "decorated" with a perfect circle of olive oil while wielding my Misto... fuck} and the New Olive, and I love them both.  The sizing instructions recommend sizing down if in between sizes {which I often am these days}, but I read the sleeves are slightly tighter so my sausage arms and I ordered up, and they fit perfectly.  Definitely quite blousy, but that's pretty much the point.


Hair Bows - There's so many options for cute bows {including April's absolutely adorable offerings}, but our school days require a bow I don't mind coming home covered in Tempra paint... or not coming home at all.  Cute Bows 4 Girls on Etsy has been my go-to for high-quality, CHEAP hair bows for several years now.  When L first had enough hair to clip back, we used the Small size, then graduated to the Medium when it was time for pony and pigtails, and we've recently bumped it up to the Large. TWO BUCKS A PIECE for these suckers! And they hold up well {if they haven't been tossed due to staining, the bows we've had for 3+ years are still in great shape} and they really do stay put {as long as little hands aren't yanking them out, of course}.  Highly recommend.  


Toddler Socks - This is so random but I hate kids' socks.  Our Central Texas climate doesn't necessitate an investment in really high quality socks, and the cheap varieties are either ill-fitting, plain, ugly, or a combination thereof.  I discovered these Wrapables Peek A Boo Animal Non-Skid Toddler Socks, and they are pretty great, as far as socks go.  They fit well, the non-skip bottoms actually work, they haven't pilled or unraveled in the wash, and they are super cute {LLAMAS!}.  This is kinda picky and overly liberal-neurotic of me, but I also really appreciate that there aren't "boy" vs "girl" designs... and that even the option that is the most traditionally "boyish" isn't all navy and hunter green. The sizing was a little confusing, but the Large fits both L and B -- they both wear a toddler shoe size 8.  


Short-Swim-Shorts - I "snapped" about this the other day {"did a snap?" "made a snap?" the correct terminology still escapes me}, but swim suits for little boys are a thorn in my side.  I hate how the board shorts style is so popular for toddlers and preschoolers -- I just think they look ill-fitting and a bit sloppy on short legs.  Plus they seem to restrict climbing-in-and-out-of-the-pool movement. I've seen some cute short-trunks options, but they are all pretty pricey, and a Texas summer {and spring and fall} requires multiple swim costume changes. And yes, I could hem longer styles, but I'm a mess with a needle and thread. So I was pretty jazzed to find this Circo suit with a much shorter inseam.  I thought the pineapples and lizards were fun, and they were $9.  Sold! I couldn't find an exact link on Target's website, but I know this print was the same style {even though the description says "below the knee" - humphf}. 

Happy Weekending!