Tuesday, March 31, 2015

good day, sunshine

Oh, y'all.  Hopefully you're all down for ten weeks of photos of my be-jerseyed child in various manic stages, because three year old soccer is just the tops.  The gorgeously perfect weather certainly aided in our enjoyment of L's game, and it's not like I'm on the verge of purchasing any sort of thematic stick figure car decals or anything, but I just had the best time watching my cautious child barreling down the field {usually in the wrong direction} with a gaggle of other preschoolers.  After a few initial breakdowns over gameday attire {GREEN IS NOT MY FAVORITE COLOR! But I do like blue... BUT WHY 'DOSE OTHER KIDS WEARING PURPLE? WHY I NOT ON THAT TEAM?! ...Mommy, I'm just not going to look at the green on my shirt, okay?} and the official gameday ball {I WANT MYYYYY PURPLE BALLLLL... I ask Coach if we can use my ball today!}, the Kickin' Kangaroos said the YMCA Pledge {adorable} and set out to defeat the Lone Stars. 

There is no official scorekeeping for the Threes, but I'm pretty sure we lost by about 11 goals. We had chutzpah going for us, though.  And water.  Lots of serious hydration going on over on the 'Roos' sideline. After 35 minutes of solid play, our girl ran over to the orange picnic blanket and declared "I will have my picnic now, Mommy."  And that was that. She was not budging from her chicken nuggets for the final 10 minutes.  Oh well.  She did rock the high-fives / "good game" portion of the afternoon. 

And B rocked the bench-warming portion. Those thighs are totally turf-ready. 

After that stunning Feat-of-Athleticism, L and I attended a most-adorable Wizard of Oz themed 4th birthday party for her little friend Ruby.  L has yet to be introduced to Dorothy and her motley crew {my child is anxious over 1976 Winnie the Pooh's misadventures with a hive of honeybees; I can't begin to fathom her reaction to those fucking flying monkeys} so some of the finer details went over her head {Yellow Brick Road made entirely of CHEDDAR!}, but she was pretty jazzed over the rainbow cake.  I sent my mom the above photo and she immediately asked if Ruby's mom made it. I replied in the negative, but apparently I completely misjudged the very impressive talents of my friend A.  Now I shall attempt to convince her to make me six sugary layers of technicolor awesomeness on my next birthday! 

Although yelling "your goal is over THERE!" 3,859 times and negotiating pinata candy consumption is super duper romantical, E and I snuck away Saturday night to celebrate six years of marriage with lobster shooters {engagement night nod! all happy events should be memorialized with crustaceans in shot glasses!} and yellow shoes {which I've worn every March 28th since 2009 || thank goodness something from that day still fits}.

E remarked a few months ago we should do something really big for our "5th" anniversary; I reminded him we'd already done a pretty big thing... that is, have B three days later.  Ya know, last year, in 2014. I can't fault his calculations, though -- math is hard with these two crazies making time somehow fly. 

 Yep, life looks a lot different than it did six years ago -- more commitments, more wrinkles, more messes... exponentially more happiness. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

soccer, sibs, and Ina's brownies

It's tough being three in organized ball sports, y'all. Especially when your mom ruins the flow of your outfit by insisting on shin guards {BLACK shin guards, no less! Horror of horrors!}. 

We did not intend to join the ranks of toddler team athletics so soon, but we were promised a very low-key experience... and the Y?  Don't lie.  Our first practice was today {yesterday}, and it was pretty much just a big park play date with the added bonus of Important Looking Cones. 

Lord help our kind Dad-Coach volunteers... I hope they've been gearing up for this season with some recreational cat-herding!  Win, Lose, or Get Distracted by Goldfish/Port-a-Potties/Squirrels, it should be a decently hysterical time. Gooooo Kickin' Kangaroos! {See also: Saturday morning mimosas.}

Update from the Trenches of Twosomes: My kids have been kind of awesome as a pair of late.  Which, honestly, is the biggest relief in the world.  It's not much of a secret L wasn't the biggest B fan, initially. Infant mobility does add another wrinkle in their relationship {"Mama, what is Brayee doing? Is he getting my toy? IS BRAYEE GETTING MY MOST FAVORITE SPECIAL TOYEEEEEEE?!}, but it's also made a playmate out of a once "useless" pile-o-attention-taking-away-er baby. Watching them wrestle and play chase and "talk" to one another turns me into a big ol' puddle of saccharine-y mom cliches. 

Also!  Unrelated to Anything Above: We had one of those lovely evenings last Friday involving my favorite kind of fly-by hostessing.  The type where you skip through the market, picking up a little of everything snack-y that looks appetiz(er)ing, and you toss together some salad dressing and greens, and your adorable pregnant guest volunteers the main dish, because she must have Neapolitan pizza, and who can say no to adorable pregnant friends and pizza, and, finally, you remember: BROWNIES! PERSONAL OOEY-GOOEY BROWNIES! 

Those casual suppers with fun friends never disappoint, and neither does Ina armed with two types of chocolate.  The best news?  The recipe makes five wee pots of deliciousness... that means one left over for breakfast / wine glass polishing! 

Molten Chocolate Ramekin Brownies
adapted from Ina Garten 

- 1/4th lb unsalted butter
- 4 oz + 1/2 cup of semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
- 1.5 oz dark chocolate, chopped
- 2 extra large eggs
- 2 teaspoons dark coffee {prepared...or you can use instant grounds}
- 1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract 
- 1/2 cup + 1 T sugar 
- 1/4 cup + 1 T all-purpose flour 
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
- 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
- 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 
- ice cream, for serving

* equipment: double broiler {or I used a pyrex boil set over simmering water} + 4 oz ramekins {or other oven safe individual containers... Ina uses 3.5 inch cast iron skillet, but you could even do coffee mugs in a pinch!}

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

In a double broiler, melt butter, 4 oz semi-sweet chocolate, and dark chocolate together.  Set aside for 15 minutes.  In a large bowl, stir {don't beat}together the eggs, coffee, vanilla, and sugar. Stir the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture and allow to cool to room temperature. 

Meanwhile, stir together 1/4 cup flour, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon, and add it to the chocolate mixture.  Toss the remaining flour with the 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, and stir into the chocolate mixture. Spoon the mixture into five 4 oz ramekins and place them on a sheet pan.  Bake for 25-35 minutes {mine took 35!} -- you want that molten center, so don't over-bake!

Serve still warm, topped with ice cream.  If you happen to be in DFW, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, might I suggest picking up a pint of Lick -- I went with Caramel Salt Lick, and it did not disappoint! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

photos you've probably already seen of stuff that already happened.

SB2k15!  It went down two weeks ago! Unlike Cabo '01, I did not return home with a tramp stamp henna tattoo of an iguana {much fun, such class}, but a good time was had by all, regardless.  Pics or it didn't happen, yes?

Karaoke with your girlfriend {heckling courtesy of pesky little brother} -- a Spring Break staple!  I think they were mostly belting Twinkle Twinkle... I suppose there's plenty of time for them to memorize Donna Summer and Aretha and Heart. 

Park playdates, the Wildflower Center, and the Thinkery kept us busy even when the weather was blustery and wet. 

My second-born chunker showed off his high-stepping and bid farewell to Corazon with shrimp enchiladas and half the chip basket. He also screeched at many-a vehicle passerby. 

Two - count 'em - TWO adult evenings out in a row... one ladies-only, plus one with the gents -- both included margaritas. 

Waco stop-overs were enjoyed on both legs of our journey, as we never pass up an opportunity to see Mama J. We also never pass up an opportunity to cut L's incessant moaning in hlfa, re: "'dis is a looooooong car ride!"  L's middle namesake was also visiting, making our stay a double-whammy of fun! 

We returned to Dallas just in time for some epically gorgeous weather...then some more WOMP WOMP rain and ickyness. But! Pre-More-Blah: TULIPS!  Living three-quarter miles from the Arboretum is pretty much the best. 

St. Patrick's Day happened. L was all "green is NOT my favorite color," and B no longer fits into anything that has a high green-to-other-color ratio, so our clan was looking super festive.  I did manage to convince Big Sister green hair clips and a bow + her rainbow dress would bring her good luck, and there was leprechaun pesto and milk for supper {see how impressed she was?}.   We did okayish, I suppose? Mental note to procure more festive attire next year. Thank goodness for nursery school and their penchant for crafting thematic headgear for each and every holiday or we'd be really lost. 

Foam pits make us happy.  Good friends moving away make us sad.  We bid the M family bon voyage on their new Arizona adventure last Friday -- with one final night out for the mamas and one last hurrah at the open gym for the tots. I'm still in major denial so I won't dwell, 'lest I think too hard about part of my Dallas Village setting sail. 

Not too much else to report. Another weekend come and gone {and another Libery Burger devoured on the patio}... Warm temps seem to be here to stay in North Texas, and I have a brownie recipe for the ages to share with you immediately, if not sooner.  So... happy times! {But don't mention B turning O-N-E in a week. Seriously, just shut your mouth and walk away.}