Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Etsy GIVEAWAY* from OliveSmiths

That's right... I'm pimping out another talented friend for your benefit!

Krista is mama to adorable Asher and the super, duper crafty creator of OliveSmiths.  

Photo: How bazaar. #sew #shopsmall #create #etsy #bazaar #local #teething #dribblebibs #infinity #handmade #craftsposure #theverybestofetsy

OliveSmiths' Etsy offerings change on the regular, but check out my current favorite... buffalo check dribble bibs.  Who knew teething could be fashionable {see also: fabulous}, right?! 

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Dribble Bib

I also have my eye on these reusable wipes -- we're no longer cloth diapering {my poor hippie merit badge sash is one patch down, SOB}, but I use cloth wipes every mealtime to clean off my messy gremlins' mugs and paws and cut down on paper towel waste {patch recouped?}, and these are infinitely prettier than my boring ol' tan stash.  

Songbirds Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes

You'll also find nursing/teething necklaces, infinity scarves, and loads of other handcrafted goodies. B and I are big fans of Krista's drool pads for our Beco! 

#VaginaPigEars not up for grabs... sorry, y'all.

Because she's awesome, Krista kindly offered to give away any item in her shop up to $15 {which - wahoo! - is pretty much everything!} to a lucky EA reader!  Here's the 411...

Giveaway Rules & Details
  • For one giveaway entry, simply visit OliveSmiths on Etsy and tell me which item you'd choose as your prize in the comments section
  • For up to 3 additional entries, Add the OliveSmithes Etsy shop to your Favorites, Follow @OliveSmiths on Instagram, and/or Like OliveSmiths on Facebook
  • If you qualify for any additional entries, just let me know in your comment!
  • Per usual, we're using the honor system for additional entries; don't let your pants catch fire, please. 
  • Comments will close Sunday, December 21, and the winner will be announced Monday, December 22
  • You must be located within the continental United States to enter {sad face for geography and shipping fees}
  • Make sure your email is linked up to your comments 
Good luck, and major thanks and air kisses to Krista at OliveSmiths

*Once again, the opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.  The giveaway winner's prize will be provided by Krista at OliveSmiths.  Our OliveSmiths drool pads were purchased with my own funds and I received no additional compensation for this post. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

5 on Friday. Except it's Monday. Because I forgot to press Publish.

Taking the easy way out with a little Five on Friday...

1. Our little Brady Back Ribs was quite the sad little hot potato this past weekend {make that 2 weekends ago, given my lapse in scheduling} and into the beginning of the week.  We were in Waco for the Baylor / KState game, and the poor meatloaf woke up early, early Saturday morning burning up.  He had multiple all-star nurse-maids but was still a pretty pathetic wee fellow. 

He maintained an impressively high fever for the next 48 hours... This is not our first rodeo with high fevers; our kids love high fevers. 102? 103? 103.8? 104.2?  Meh, no biggie so long as Motrin takes it down a notch or so.  But B's got up to 104.8 on Sunday evenings, and I freaked the fuck rightly out on the after-hours PA who gave me the same "meh, no biggie."  Sunday and Monday nights were spent holding him in my beat-up leather chair where I read thousands of pages of opinions and treatises {what seems like} a lifetime ago.  Even after the fever broke, it was pretty clear he was in pain as soon as his last dosage of meds wore off, and laying flat definitely exacerbated his discomfort.  Neither kidlet has ever had an ear infection, but that was my best guess, and the pediatrician confirmed a double-ear-whammy first thing Tuesday morning.  Thus ends my ability to humble-brag about our nearly 3 year stretch sans antibiotics.  Oh well.  It was a good run while it lasted!  Besides, who doesn't love all that paste-like bubble-gum-pink amoxicillin?!  Tastes like childhood! 

Thankfully, the big guy started feeling much better after hitting the sauce for 24 hours and is pretty much back to his generally delightful self!  

2.  While her little brother convalesced, LBug attended College Gameday with E.

She wasn't as impressed with the signs as she was with the sail-gaters.  Well, the sail-gaters and the free bear claws the Student Union was handing out.  I'll take a hot glazed donut over ESPN chatter, too, girlfriend. 

3. In what was probably not our finest parenting decision-making, we figured fresh air would be good for everyone and took a stroll around the Arboretum on Sunday afternoon {it's literally across the street so it wasn't a big ordeal, and it wasn't like germy B was rolling around licking people, but still}.  The Twelve Days of Christmas Victorian gazebos are very pretty and festive -- L's clear favorite was the Five Golden Rings with the polar bear and the seals that plays Jingle Bell Rock, but the Eleven Pipers Piping and the Four Calling Birds also warranted multiple visits.  I definitely recommend catching the exhibit if you're local -- especially right before closing as it's about to get dark or after-hours with the special nighttime ticket.  So sparkly! 

B slept through both Santa and reindeer sightings... L loves talking and reading about Santa but remains extremely skeptical of physical manifestations.  We have plans to visit the man in red on Wednesday, and I doubt we'll convince her a lap photo is a fun idea.  Candy cane bribery is in our future. 

4.  Our rebuild / renovations were completed a week ago, and it is so exceptionally nice to have our living room back after a year of exposed slab and visible insulation.  Especially nice now that the Oh Tannenbaum Vantage Points have been restored to their full glory.  This house may be cursed {our furnace broke 96 hours after the last reno contractor left the premises WTF WE SURRENDER}, but damn if it doesn't boast the best Christmas Tree real estate I ever did see. 

5. Speaking of Christmas, we have a new friend.  

Her name is Flossie, and she is the product of my wobbly principles.  She doesn't cater fancy themed breakfasts or toss TP all over the house or appear in elaborate tableaus each morning... she just moves.  Usually from shelf to shelf, as her moniker suggests.  L thinks she is magical and the absolute tops, which pretty much eradicates any lingering self-judgment I have for giving into mass marketing.  I do really like the concept of having a "Kindness Elf" rather than a creepy little in-house stalker, and we've been trying to use the Floss-ster in conjunction with our Advent calendar... but I'm not too proud to admit I sometimes resort to shrieking OMG STOP HITTING YOUR BROTHER FLOSSIE IS GOING TATTLE SO HARD TO SANTA TONIGHT.  Discipline crutches, FTW! 

Bonus: A few of my favorite photos from the past week or so... The blurry one above is an accurate representation of probably 85% of weekday suppers.  Somehow everyone ends up piled around / on the countertop, sharing the same fork.  B eats anything and L will eat anything I tell her B is eating.  Bad habits be-damned -- the witching hour deserves an Easy Button, and, besides, we usually have a pretty grand time! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for another fun giveaway... and thanks as always for all the 5oF link-up gals! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Older Babies

Back for Round Two?  Bless you. 

There have been many moments in B's short life that could easily be culled under the hashtag #PoorSecondChild.  Swaddled in pink as an infant, continuously carted around to Big Sister's activities, and beat up on the regular... he's a good sport, for sure.  But you should see this kid's face light up on the rare occasion he gets to touch L's toys {and let me tell you every toy we own is "L's toy" based on the Gospel According to Toddler} when she's napping or at school.  So, while the vast majority of L's baby toys are still in really great condition, I'm excited to give our chubby buddy some goodies all his own this Christmas. 

B's "big," unwrapped Santa gift will be the Fisher-Price Poppity Pop Musical Dino.  One silver lining to being the #PoorSecondChild is mama gets over herself and allows really obnoxious plastic toys into the house.  If he doesn't win a Nobel Peace Prize, we'll blame the toxins, but I just couldn't pass this up again. Ditto on the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank

I think Santa will also be leaving out the B Toys Wheeee-ls Soft Cars.  We have several B Toys items {the ever-popular drum, cat piano, and keys}, and they just make really quality toys.  Each of these cushy cars make a different {non-battery-operated} sound, and they are easy for little hands to grasp and propel. 

The Original Toy Company Pop Up Fire Truck harks back to my ONLY WOODEN TOYS FOR MY SPEHSHUL SNOWFLAYKE parenting beginnings and is the perfect little stocking stuffer!  The little firefighters are spring-loaded to pop up and down -- what baby doesn't love that?!  {Also, fine-motor-development and color recognition, blah blah blah blah.} 

After seeing the video for this Tobbles Neo Stacking Toy, I've decided I'll probably steal this toy for my own personal enjoyment.  I mean, seriously, how fun do these suckers look? B thinks knocking towers down is hysterical, so I suppose he'll like it, too. 

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Bug Jug Fill & Spill Soft Baby Toy -- This is another one of those "put shit in, take shit out" motor-skills-developers... Sure, fine, whatever, yay cute bugs! 

Our Bath Toy Situation is currently pretty abysmal.  I think this B Toys Fish & Splash Boat will quickly raise tub morale! 

We've got puzzles out the wazoo, but I couldn't say no to this Personalized Name Puzzle as a special momento of B's 1st Christmas. 

Garnet Hill Boiled Wool Slippers -- I've requested the fox cub variation, and it'd be a safe bet to say we'll be rocking these slippers both at home and out-and-about, Big Lebowski Style. 

Hopefully B will appreciate a handful of new books that haven't been pre-gnawed!  RoadworkHarold and the Purple CrayonSoft Shapes: DinosaursLittle Blue Truck Leads the Way, and Giraffes Can't Dance will make their way into his hot little hands for reading and teething enjoyment alike!