Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day was really good to me, y'all.  Nothing fancy - just solid QT with my favorite peeps. 

I went back and tried to find last year's Mother's Day post, and, lo' and behold, I never wrote one. Probably because it was rather sucky. Which I know we aren't really supposed to admit publicly since loving tiny souls and shaping the tiny people attached to those tiny souls is our greatest privilege {true! but... also... breakfast cocktails can be nice!}, but I think we're allowed to be disappointed when those tiny people scream in our faces all day and things just generally go off the rails 873% more than they normally do. One can have Capital P Perspective and still be bummed out by a lackluster Hallmark holiday. It doesn't make you a horrible mother...just a slightly horrible one! Like me! 

ANYHOODLE, this past weekend paid the piper for MD2015 so I could smug-it-up with the worst of them on social media! 

We had birthday cake pancakes in honor of Kerbey Lane's 34th year on Saturday morning {by "we," I mean I ordered a somewhat sensible breakfast and then ate half of B's be-sprinkled confection on the sly}, a 5 miler on the trail + Zilker park play, and then celebratory take-out with my parents on our patio that evening. They've been in Italy for 3 weeks, and we were so glad to hug their necks! 

Sunday morning dawned with the traditional Mylar balloons presentation, homemade + self-selected store-bought cards from each kiddo {I love seeing what they pick out -- L was so proud that hers had a Best Mom Ever button for me to wear; you bet your bottom I'm busting that sucker out yearly until loooooong after she stops thinking it's cool}, and a neighborhood walk. We brunched at Jack Allen's {again...we're taking our self-appointed fried chicken quality control positions rather seriously}, played at the park, and did some grocery shopping before rest time. Midday storms threatened to sour our evening plans but the clouds eventually parted and we meandered down to Jester King Brewery for beer and mud pies. 

Yes, most of the smiling portraits are the result of Round Rock donut bribes. And yes, there were multiple toddler meltdowns and preschooler llama-drama, but it was a splendifurous weekend.  With or without that Perspective, I'm a super lucky lady to call these people my family. I can't say I never take their presence in my life for granted, but I do love them to bits every moment of every day. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

five on friday

Straight-up using 5oF as a big ol' pile of catch-up for my personal memory nuggets. 

{Hands down, that's the lamest sentence I've ever written. Know I'm cringing right along with you.}


As a toddler, art was not one of L's favorite things.  She never really asked to color or paint and barely tolerated any crafts I'd suggest; the few projects she brought home her first two years of nursery school were pieces she'd been practically coerced to do -- most days, she just chose to skip art time entirely.  Interestingly, she's changed her tune this year and comes home from class every day with umpteen "very special arts." Her figure interpretations {hoity-toity!} are my favorite, and the above portrait of our family is headed for the upstairs gallery wall! 


The last few weeks have been packed with several super fun evening outings... my high school happy hour group attended the spring show for the dance team we were once all a part of {many moons ago, apparently...part of the slideshow flashed the 2001 pre-K photos for these now-Seniors... a.k.a. our graduation year}. As always, we had a blast grabbing drinks and reminiscing beforehand, as well as whispering commentaries throughout the performance. There is loads more bellybutton exposure and emo arm flailing than there was in our day {SAID THE OLD BIDDIES IN ROW Y}. 

Last week, E and I snuck away for delicious Italian patio sitting and Bonnie Raitt at the ACL Moody Theater. Neither of us had ever seen Bonnie in person, and she was outstanding.  She is a tiny pocket-pal powerhouse of a lady, and her voice sounds as fresh and strong as it did on the Give It Up {'72} and Nick of Time {'89} albums of my parents' I had memorized by the age of 7. True Story: I auditioned to perform "Can't Make You Love Me" in my middle school talent show and was denied entrance based solely on "precociousness alone."  Never trust a choir teacher who names her infant child after Chuck Norris' Walker Texas Ranger to recognize true talent, people - no matter how age-inappropriate the subject matter of that talent may be!  

ANYHOODLE, If I am half as energetic and quippy as Bonnie is at 66, I'll consider myself a lucky woman. And since several of you asked, the romper featured in my ITPitB throw-back on IG is the Wrap Romper from Loft... It is very comfortable and fun to wear, but might I recommend sporting it to an event where you will be standing most of the night -- the neckline is actually open from the naval on up but held together at the top with a little snap; it lies beautifully when standing but I had a few wardrobe malfunctions when seated. 

Speaking of Adult Fun Involving Lifetime Lady-Idols -- last night, we had the pleasure of seeing Holland Taylor in her Tony-nominated role as Ann. Ann Richards is a personal hero of mine, and I will never forget my father taking me out of school so we could witness her inauguration at the Capitol.  Or Ms. Richards herself tipping me $25 for carrying her grandkids' pizza order from the kitchen to her car {RIP Mangia Pizza Lake Austin Blvd} when I was 18. She was a force of nature, and Holland is the twin tornado spinning perfectly and madly in Ann's path.  If you get the opportunity to see the show, definitely go!  You'll laugh until your belly aches -- such a perfect tribute to one of the classiest humans ever to hold public office {I also very much recommend the HBO documentary All About Ann}.  Man, if I could only hear what Ann would have to say about this particular election cycle... Woo-boy. 


Family time the last two weekends has also been Grade A!  We've had snow cones in the park with our neighborhood moms' club friends, housed pancakes at our regular spot, played at Zilker, pounded out miles on the hike and bike trail, and eaten some ridiculous Sunday brunch {twice}.  We also made a quick trip to Waco to visit Mama J so we could see her before we head to Prague.  We didn't do any shopping but we did enjoy the grounds at the Silos -- a damn good place to wear little bodies out! 


Deserving of it's own spot, L finished her second year of soccer last weekend!  We are so proud of all she's learned, and SO IMPRESSED with the crew at Soccer Shots! These people actually know how to teach tiny meatloaves skills and make it really fun for them, to boot.  We did the Y last year, and, while I do love me some casual Y sports, it just wasn't age appropriate. Soccer Shots is 10 weeks, 40 minutes per week, 30 minutes of "drills" {which really just look like super fun PE games} + a 10 minute scrimmage.  I had no clue until a few weeks into the season that it's a national program, so if you're in the market for a preschool soccer experience, definitely check them out! 


I posted this {expertly styled, per usual} photo on IG of our supper the other night and had some recipe requests... and then felt super embarrassed as it's the laziest recipe of all time. But! It involves my very favorite bagged salad that I think everyone needs in their life, so I'm bucking up to fill you in on this VERY unimpressive culinary endeavor... Next time you're at the market, look for this Taylor Farms Kale Chopped Salad with Brussels Sprouts.* We eat this constantly... I usually have it for lunch {mixed with leftover quinoa or nuts or grilled chicken} two or three times a week, and then we also have it for dinner once or twice weekly. The dressing is light and mixes well with all sorts of other flavors so it's amazing by itself or trashed up however you like.  This week, I boiled a package of Trader Joe's Spinach Tortellini, sliced some cherry tomatoes, tossed both with the whole bag of salad, added some salt and pepper, and called it a night.  Literally a 5 minute meal. I are so impressed right now. 

*If you're a local HEB shopper, HEB stopped carrying Taylor Farms about a month ago but has the EXACT same salad under their brand name. 

** No affiliate links today -- click away willy-nilly! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thyme-Mustard Roasted Salmon + Prague

Nothing like a title that just lays it all out there, ammaright?

We're on our fifth day of rain, and the crankyness is reaching a fever pitch. I just broke up a literal knife fight... a PlayDoh knife - specifically, the much-coveted GREEN PlayDoh knife - but a knife nonetheless. Nevermind we have 2 other PlayDoh knives and a host of heavy plastic IKEA knives that also work quit nicely; it's an all out mutiny for the green.  

Thankfully, we have music class in 15 minutes, and upcoming Eastern European getaway daydreams are a welcome distraction from muddy paw prints and soaking car seat struggles. E and I are headed to Prague for 8 days in May, and I would absolutely LOVE any recommendations you might have -- especially in the restaurant and day trip departments!  I'll trade you an awesome salmon recipe for all your Czech knowledge! 

Thyme-Mustard Roasted Salmon

I've made this salmon recipe pretty much every week for the last month.  It is so incredibly easy and delicious -- even the picky tiniest terrorist eats it! 

Per usual, my photography is atrocious. Apologies! 

- 5 fresh thyme sprigs
- 1.5 lbs salmon {we prefer wild caught Alaskan} - skin on and pin bones removed
- 1/8 cup country Dijon or whole grain mustard 
- 1 T honey
- 1/2 t white wine or champagne vinegar
- 1 t fresh thyme leaves
- 1/2 t kosher salt
- 1/2 t fresh ground pepper
- thinly sliced lemon 

Give your baking sheet or pan a little misto spritz or line with parchment paper. Lay your salmon filet atop the thyme sprigs and set aside. 

Mix mustard, honey, and vinegar together  and brush over the salmon. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and thyme leaves on top, then layer lemon slices over the whole shebang. You can let this marinate for a while (I like to prep at naptime and cook it right at supper time) or put it right into a 450 degree preheated oven. Cook for around 20 minutes or until fish is cooked through. 

We love it with foil-cooked broccoli (broccoli, olive oil, garlic salt and lemon juice in a foil pouch for about 10 minutes in the same oven).