Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday

five.  Thank you so much for all the relocation well-wishes!  It's great to have the cat out of the proverbial bag...and now I can add that bag to the pile of diaper boxes I've squirreled away for packing purposes. Is there anything worse than packing up all your earthly belongings?  Especially when your earthly belongings now include 8,937 teensy pieces of plaything plastic? I feel like I do a decent job of regularly editing and simplifying, but I might as well be a sob story on Hoarders at this point with all the crap I need to pack. 

four.  I hate to ask again so soon, buuuuuut...


...who has restaurant recs for Santa Rosa Beach?  We are headed there with the grandparentals, and we are all new to the Seaside area!  I doubt we'll dine out a ton as we'll be vacationing condominium-style, but any family-friendly must-eats we shouldn't miss?  Or things to do other than beach-bumming and pool-lounging {because the seashore is just so relaxing with tiny meatloaves in tow!}. 

three.  L's last day of ECLC at Wilshire was yesterday.  
On list of the things I'm saddest to leave behind in Dallas this little nursery school nears the top. L was so quiet and shy around her teachers and classmates her first year... This year she did a complete 180 -- she adores her friends and teachers, chatters about them all the time, is bummed one her days off.  She's learned so many things, and it's been a treat to watch her bloom in this sort of environment. I'd camp out on that yoga mat in the middle of the night in a February drizzle a hundred more times for her to have such a fantastic introduction to a "school" setting.  

two.  Mamas of little boys!  These are the best summer shorts!*

{don't mind me // just taking a break}

I think I might spend more money on B's clothes than I do on L's.  It's just so much easier to find cute girls' duds at lower price points.  There's only so much room for monsters and puppy dogs and footballs, yaknow?  However, I have been quite pleased with Old Navy this Spring/Summer... Whereas I usually like about 10% of their toddler boy gear, I'm currently giving about 55% of it an enthusiastic thumbs up! I stocked up on tons of tees for my little drool factory as well as some really adorable swimsuits and rash guards.  But these knit shorts are my favorite -- the material is thick, they are short enough so they don't look sloppy {and long enough so B doesn't look as if he's wearing Soffe dance shorts from 1996}, and they could pass for Mini Boden. 

*not an affiliate link or sponsored content. although, per usual, if Old Navy would like to send me free stuff, I'm pretty sure they know where I live. 

one.  Anyone else watching The Chef's Table on Netflix? 

We watched the first stand-alone episode {each is a documentary short featuring one chef} last night {Mossimo Bottura of Italy}, and I really, really enjoyed it.  It soothes my weariness with Top Chef over-saturation -- I enjoy the focus on the actual person and their creative process without all the TIME IS RUNNING OUT music.  A nice change of pace in the culinary television sector, to be sure. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

headed home

I was going to write an eloquently emo post on homecomings, but I caught an adenovirus from the kidlets which apparently can be like the flu with some pink eye thrown in for extra fun. I'm 9 days in and just now feeling functionalish {ironically, the meatloaves were barely ill}, although the lingering conjunctivitis is still giving me that "about to turn" look, plus I spend at least an hour every night around 2:30 am hacking like a three-pack-a-day-er.

ANYHOODLE, POINT BEING, we're moving to Austin, and I really do have many words about that fact, but the cough syrup is making me stupid.

Medicated or not, we're thrilled.  Austin was always a hopeful part of our long-term plan, but this fast-forward was a very happy surprise.  Without getting bogged down in details {NYQUIL}, the perfect house presented itself alongside the go-ahead from E's firm to make the office switch.  It all happened rather fast -- definitely serendipitous.   

I'm sadder than I thought I'd be... I've spent a decent chunk of my 7 years in Dallas feeling as if I'm treading water... I've had the wrong job and then switched to the right one, only to leave it when L was born.  I've made great friends and then had the majority move away, only to make new ones and have the majority of them move away. I've lived in the right house in the wrong neighborhood and then in the wrong house in the right neighborhood. I've had many low moments where I've put a lot of stock into "someday...when we live in Austin..."

And now it is "someday," and Dallas and I are actually cool.  If we needed to stay here longer {or permanently}, I know we'd be fine.   More than fine... we'd be fabulous.  So I'm sad about our friends and our favorite places and all the fun things that will happen without us. 

But hooooo-boy.  I'm excited, too.  

There's just no beatin' a homecoming. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday: Thanks & Randos

five.  Muchas gracias for all the housing well-wishes!  Our new casa is basically a done deal, but I've become rather superstitious about real estate over the years, so forgive me while I hold back for a few more days.  But I will share two {horrible quality, picture-of-an-iPad-picture} photos...

The property was never listed on the market so, sadly, no fancy professional shots, but I am quite fond of our new den and kitchen.  Overall, the new house is a little older, a little cozier, and whole lot more our style than our current space.  I'm preemptively jazz-handing all over town! 

four.  And even more thank-yous for all the Seattle and Vancouver recs!  E and I had an amazing trip, and I am very much missing my lunchtime wine and breadbasket. 

Full trip recap planned for next week!  We sure did miss these faces while we were gone -- they had a fabulous time with J and T-Pop!

If you're local and have yet to check out the Children's Garden at the Arboretum {or plan on being in Dallas while it's warm}, go-go-go!  It's our tippity-top Stay-Cool-Without-a-Pool activity once the temps climb past 85!  

three.  Does anyone have personal experience with these pants?  

Is this the sort of getup that only works on Amazon-Twiggies?  Will everyone assume I've finally lost my damn mind and forgotten to change out of jammies?  I think I've had just enough wine tonight {last night} to actually order them... 

two.  Do y'all watch Togetherness? Season One is long over, so it's ripe for binge watching if you didn't catch the train right out of the station. 

I've been an Amanda Peet fan for a zillion years {Jack and Jill, anyone?!}, and I have so much love for Mark Duplass, but, ugggggggggg, Melanie Lynskey's {the nice stepsister from Ever After!} character just kills me in the very best way.  She is so relatable... not so much the {SPOILER ALERT} emotional affair stuff, but the way she's adrift after years of "just" being a mom... I'm rooting for her, big time, even though the finale was a total gut-punch. 

one.  L's school put on a little "Pastries for Parents" party yesterday in celebration of both Mother's and Father's Day {the semester ends in two weeks, hence the early fiesta for dads!}.  

There were adorably rousing renditions of Bah Bah Blacksheep and Five Little Fish, overly dyed sugar cookies, and crafted gifts galore.  L and I actually had a small tiff over that toddler thumbprint clay heart necklace... apparently she felt it matched her outfit and I felt it was positively precious and my most prized possession ever and YOU CAN'T JUST GIVE ME PRICELESS HANDMADE JEWELRY AND THEN TAKE IT BACK, LEIGHTON, GAH.