Thursday, May 1, 2008


So this is my blog. Apparently, the first few blog entries are always horribly awkward. Or else I'm really bad at blogging and totally not as charming and witty as I think I am.

...I'm gonna go with the former.

Okay, so why this blog? And why this name?

The second question is a bit easier, and it leads into the first. I love elephants, I love Spanish, and this blog is (hopefully) meant to be a teeny corner of the world where I can share my mini-triumphs and lots of random thoughts. Hence... "Elefantitas Alegres," or "Happy Little Elephants." These mini-triumphs I speak of are my 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days. They are listed on the side bar to your right. I heard about this project last week and thought that this time in my life, with so many exciting and scary and wonderful changes about to occur, would be a perfect time to start. Plus, making a list of 101 Goals was so much more fun than learning what the hell an Interpleader Suit entails.

So far I only have 88 Goals... its tough work being so introspective! Although, I almost feel like I am cheating... "Get monthly facials before wedding" will certainly be very taxing, but I think I'm up for the challenge. I'm also not sure if all this exotic traveling I seem to be doing in the next 3ish years is going to jive well with Financial Goal #1 - "pay off credit card debt." Oh well - can't make it too easy on myself. That just wouldn't be any fun.

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