Thursday, October 2, 2008

back from the dead!

Hello again, loyal readers! All... zero? maybe, one? of you!

So the Bar blew...

(BLS Grad August 2008)

Thailand rocked,

(Chiang Mai, Elephant Camp)

moving to Dallas was great

(mmmm pretty closet)

and I love (most of the time) my job! That's pretty much the recap.

Obviously I've been gone for a, 4 months, but I'm back and committed to blogging (hopefully).

To jump right in: Topic of the Day (post-pinot evening):
"Wife Hair":

- Why does everyone cut their hair right after the honeymoon?

Is it an attempt at physically manifesting a major change in your life? Or - if that's too existential for you - are you just totally, freakin' bored with your long hair that you've been growing out for months?

Well - personal story time - I've had my Wife Hair Moment about 6 months too early... I just wanted a nice little collar-bone length cut and what did the Butcher do? Chopped it off to Posh Spice Length. Whore.

Here's 2 creepy self-portraits for you Inquiring Minds.

So now I'm shopping around for Pre-Natal Vitamins, in hopes of crazy-hair-growing-miracles. And I'm sure someone pertinent will see them in my bathroom and thing I'm preggers. And that will be just AWE-some.

No bun in this oven, fyi.


  1. i think your hair is ADORABLE! i'm sure it'll grow a ton in the next few months, but if not, no worries.

    my blog is jealous of your blog. i need to recommit.


  2. Ahhh victoria! You are my first comment! YAY! That totally just made my day!

    where is your blog? I must bookmark!

  3. vic101in1001 dot blogspot dot com :)

    name was so not as cute/creative as yours!


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