Monday, October 6, 2008

confession mondays

okay, I'll admit it...

(1) i'm wearing a vest today. a suit vest. the infamous thailand-tailor suit vest. i may look like a badass. or, i may look like a not-as-hot version of a Charlie's Angel. its really a toss-up.

(2) there are 5 kinds of cheese in my fridge right now. mmmm.

(3) i'm a registry-snob. yes, i judged you when you registered for dish towels and sponges. surely you can shell out $3.99 and get the oxo good grips soap squirting glass and dish wand on your own time. well friends, karma's a bitch, b/c i saw those butter yellow dish towels at william-sonoma, and gosh-darnit if i didn't scan those suckers right into our registry. judge if you will... they are really freakin' pretty dish towels.

(4) i used to almost like Sarah Palin. i don't know if it was the uncanny resemblance to tina fey or the beautiful silk versace jackets or the fact that she doesn't have one foot in the grave... doesn't matter - i half-enjoyed her. well i swear to all things holy, if that woman uses one more corny-ass, crochet-it-on-a-pillow, fargo-esque line, god help me, i will gouge my eye out with my silver, monogrammed letter opener.

i was going to try and think of another one, just because 5 is such a nice number for lists, but i think my near contemplation of a cross-over to the GOP should count for 2, considering.

happy monday!


  1. another secret confession? you once stole a pizza from the papa johns delivery truck...

  2. you stole a pizza from pap johns?

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    AND, I LOVE the name of your blog!!!

  3. hehehe... I did indeedy, and it was deeeeee-lish... even though me and millybelle had to eat it crouched in the bushes in our going-out-wear.

    ahhh good times.

  4. Found your blog from a comment you left on Blue Eyed Bride...Can I just say, hilarious posts!

    I'll definitely be back!

  5. haha... just now discovering your Confession Mondays. Here's the thing on the registry deal: we have a lot of expensive stuff on ours, and every time I add another perfect All Clad cooking vessel or more Le Creuset (I'm a budding home chef, so I loooove this stuff), I imagine my eternally broke cousins having nothing at all to buy us from our registry and I start feeling really guilty, and worry they'll think I'm snobby. Then I add $10 salsa dishes.

    Sarah Palin: wretching at the memory... Had to, sorry. :-)


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