Monday, October 13, 2008

confession mondays

its a little late in the day, but here we go...

(1) i drink boxed wine on the weekdays. this is both a confession and a PSA of sorts. since the economy is full-on in the shitter, Evs and i decided to cut back on some every day indulgences that tend to add up come the end of the month. one of these - tear - is wine consumption. we enjoy our vino. one of my happy places is the central market wine section. we ditched major archaeological sites in greece to visit just one more winery. you get the picture. but the sad truth is, its thinning out our wallets and impeding my shoe-purchasing. but a recession doesn't have to mean the eradication of all things glorious! i give you...

(now on tap in my fridge: Angel Juice CA Pinot Grigio)

...classy boxed wine! yeah, yeah, its vacuum-packed in a bladder, but that doesn't mean it can't be delicious! plus, its 4 bottles for the price of 2. can't beat that with a stick!

(other Evs & K Favs: Black Box Wine; Fish Eye Wine Cask; Target Wine Cubes)

(2) sometimes i sweat the really small stuff. case in point: this morning started off excellent - only hit snooze once, new hair almost behaved, and i was feeling office-chic in my new "burnt orange faux-wrap dress of victory," courtesy of banana republic. but then... tragedy: someone ate 1/2 of the last honey whole wheat bagel at work. HALF? if you are going to gank my morning dose of deliciousness, at least go balls-to-the-walls and take the whole darn bagel. don't half-ass-it. okay, minor road-bump. i'll just get breakfast choice #2 - vanilla almond special k. um, WRONG. that's gone too. all that's left is freakin' life cereal. not even the semi-yummy cinnamon life.

just. plain. old. life.
i'm embarrassed to say that this breakfast debacle colored my whole morning. i have a routine. it works for me. it creates order in my tiny sector of the world. and when life gives me a lemon, sometimes i just want to chunk that damn lemon right back in life's face.

happy monday!


  1. you're SO funny! i love the boxed wine and appreciate your recommendations.

    sorry about your breakfast debaucle!

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA boxed wine...awesome

  3. I also have this "burnt orange faux-wrap dress" and I love it.

  4. Don't get me started on when the guy who brings the donuts every friday, doesn't bring the donuts on friday. Nothing like walking into the break room, coffee in hand, excited for your friday donut, and seeing an empty table.

  5. I'm the same way with my routines--especially at work. Not putting a new soda in the fridge? Not cool!


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