Sunday, October 12, 2008

corny-dogs, horns, & pumpkins!

weekend re-cap: what can i say? such an amazing fall weekend! the weather was gorgeous, the Red River Shootout was SO exciting, and the rest of the weekend was relaxing and fun!

so here it is, our weekend, in pictures!
So pumped about my Fletcher's corny-dog. Breakfast of Champions!
My Little Health-Nut found himself some "healthy fair-food"
Evs, in ESPN College Gameday Heaven
my future daughter - child after my own heart!
my padre and me

dad, modeling the cool flip cards for half-time

my main-man, Bevo

every TX-OU game we go to, Dad ends up wearing something of mine :)

showing off the "pocket shots" that my dad and uncle Tracy discovered at Spec's... again, where were these when I was in college? genius!

"a house divided" - we had too much fun and Evs really was such a great sport - he even refrained from punching the drunk 18 year old sitting next to him in the face - which totally would have been deserved with his mouth. i hate fans w/o class.

cheesy sunday activity:

boom gets in on the action
Evs' masterpiece

my cheeseball pun'kin

hope ya'll's was just as excellent!


  1. mine WAS just as excellent, my dear! and i just uploaded some of my TX-OU pics for my family to see.. and guess what... I labeled MY corny dog picture as "breakfast of champions" too. no lie. I swear we are kindred spirits

  2. my post is going to be very similar to this one! it sounds like you had a great time!

  3. Ok so my blog-stalking doesn't have to be in secret anymore since I saw a link to my blog on yours :) Hope you don't mind if I add you too!!

  4. Good! I'm glad you have so many others listed on yours- it has given me more reading material in the past couple of weeks. I wish I had been into blogging when I was engaged- who knew there were so many other blogging brides-to-be? Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  5. Those pumpkins are fabulous. I think The Boom needs her own pumpkin, too!

  6. lol! The Boom actually does have her own pumpkin! Although, it is of the mini-variety and therefore has not been carved! Maybe we need to "Sharpie Carve It" though! Boomie Ears on Pumpkin, coming right up!

  7. wow. exclamation overload. sorry about that.


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