Wednesday, October 8, 2008

dream registry

if only i could scan these suckers and have them magically arrive in my mailbox...

oh coach. you tempt me everytime i step food in northpark. your salesgirls dressed in black have Evs programmed in their rolodex. and once again, you've done it. please be under my Christmas tree. please, please, please.(Leather Sabrina from the Madison Connection, in Brass/Putty)

i've been on the lookout for a perfect leather jacket. this one fits the bill :) and comes with quite the bill :(

(Nanette Lepore, Risque Leather Jacket)

can't resist a new boot. can't resist a jimmy. perfection.

(Jimmy Choo, Hallie Knee-High Boots)

could you not curl up in this beautiful chair and read and nibble on cheese and drink wine and stay forever and ever?(Pottery Barn, Emery Wingback Armchair, Gabrielle Jacquard, Clemintine Orange)

so if there are any benevolent benefactors out there, just looking for a cute, perky blond girl to bestow beatiful things on, you know where i blog.


  1. kate, i'm totally putting a link to your blog on my blog! you have been warned...

  2. i love that wingback chair. and nanette lepore's price tags are almost always worth it! :)

  3. That chair is gorgeous! Of course, all of those items are.

  4. ok! completely obsessed with the Coach bag! I too, think I need it wrapped and under the tree for me to open :)


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