Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fun game, fun game!

fill in the blank...
these _______ (are/are not) worth half a month's rent, and i definitely ________ (should/should not) buy myself an early christmas present.

told ya it was going to be fun!


  1. they are worth half a month's rent, and you definitely should buy yourself an early christmas present. Then I'll live through you and the photos you post!

  2. You definately should! I love your blog- it cracks me up. I'm a friend of Tiffany's who is a friend of Colleen's...

  3. I am going to bring you back to earth and side with Evan ( I think). I am going to just leave you with one word - BUDGET.

    What happened to the Budget?

    Evan are you with me?

  4. BUY THEM NOW! Your time with separate bank accounts and shameless shopping with no one to explain yourself to are coming to an end soon. Buy them, destroy the receipt, and never allude to their actual cost with the FI. This is my tactic at least...

  5. One side of me says they are completely worth it! The other side of me (a very small side of me) says just ask for them for Christmas and save your money. Let us know if you get them because they are GORGEOUS!!

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  7. These are totally worth half or more of a month's rent....of course you should buy them! (sorry Evs) What an excellent opportunity to use your partner's card this weekend - you are actually getting money back if you look at it that way!! Its a charity donation.

    I love your tactic!

  8. they are totaly worth it! and this pair doesnt have the gold disc that fell of my boots.


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