Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

i'm anticipating an awesome weekend for the following 3 reasons:

(1) things have already started out swimmingly, as peeps are full-on in the Halloween spirit at work today... we have Elvis, Sarah & Bristol Palin, Tony Romo, the Burger King, Freida Kruger... the gang's all here! and of course we have...

KETCHUP! if i take the Heinz sign off, i'm a flight attendant... which works too.

btw, shout out to Mojito Maven, who is also dressing as an adult-sized condiment!!! woo hoo!

(2) RJB is coming to visit!!! here is a picture of us - Cat & Bee - when we were lame law schoolers who celebrated Halloween on November 2, with trashcan punch and minimally creative costumes. (this year she is a peacock - i'm expecting great things!)

(3) Evs has (begrudgingly) agreed to sport the Mustard Costume - if only for a photo-op.

more pics to come!


  1. ummmmmmmmmmmm except your costume is AMAZING. I am wearing one of those pre-bought party city costumes that is NOT cute like I'm really sad I have to go as an ugly ketchup :(


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