Saturday, October 25, 2008

mom was right

i have super cool parents. growing up, they always knew what was going on in my life - hence my mom's nickname "The Monitor" - but they also allowed me to make my own mistakes and be that stupid teenager. further, they were the opposite of "don't ask, don't tell" - we talked about everything - which, while making for a few uncomfortable moments, is such a wonderful way to grow up.
the one thing the parental units were really strict about was tv and movies. i wasn't allowed to watch 90210, Melrose Place, Married with Children, or Roseanne. my mom actually told me once that if i had turned out to be some sort of 15-year old preggers crackwhore, she would have blamed herself for letting me watch Friends every week.

the tv restrictions were okay, but the R-rated movie issue could become quite heated in our household. i would see previews of movies and latch on and fight that damn rule like a stubborn ass. Interview with the Vampire was a particularly sticky subject. i'm not sure why, probably a mixture of Brad Pitt and the fascination i've always had with scary movies. i think my mom finally got sick of all the complaining and, teacher that she is, made a new rule: "if you read the book, you can see the movie." i'm sure she just never expected an 11 year old girly-girl would really read a 340 page book about vampires. oh yee of little faith.

i read that damn book. i don't think i liked one minute of it. but i read it. and boy was i ready to see that movie. so we rented the VHS, popped some popcorn, and sat down for some R-rated viewing.
i lasted about 15 minutes. and i slept on my parents' floor for a week. don't you hate it when your parents are right???

anyhoo, there is a point to the story, i promise. i netflixed Interview with the Vampire this week and finally finished it for the first time. here are my 25 year old thoughts:

- i think Tom Cruise is scarier in this role now - b/c now we all know that he's totally a scientology, alien, stick-up-my ass creepy-creeperton. katie h, my dear, again, for the love of all things holy, what were you thinking?

- what's up with Brad Pitt and all the pyromania? how many villages/manors/parisian vampire theaters can one really burn in 127 minutes before it becomes a bit much?

- kirsten dunst - did your parents let you watch that movie after you made it? Jan would totally disapprove, young lady.

so 14 years later, i realize i probably should have just listened to my parents and stuck with The Cutting Edge.

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  1. Well, now I really happy that I found your blog again, especially since the first entry I read was about the parental units, scarey movies and other things that made me laugh!


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