Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a music rec + 4 random things

a music rec:
last night i did something i have never done: i downloaded an entire cd off of itunes that was not (a) a broadway music soundtrack, or (b) a greatest hits where i already knew all the songs. what sparkly gem made me take such a leap of faith, you ask?
kings of leon: only by the night
i'm don't have much allegience to any "hip bands of today" - i'm much more of a cheesy 80s pop / van morisson / texas country / counting crows / aforementioned broadway showtunes kind of gal. but kings of leon might just be my little corner of the coolkid crowd.

if you're just looking for a sampling before making the big $9.99 purchase, i'd suggest "sex is on fire" (yes, that's the name, and no, its not that dirty) and "use somebody."

+ 4 random things:

1. its a monkey's birthday today!
i had never, ever, ever heard this phrase before college but my dear friend Lyndz-loo (or Millytini, if you prefer) used this phrase to describe when its raining and sunny at the same time. now i think of that and smile everytime i feel a raindrop on an otherwise sunny day... so happy birthday, monkey! its your day today!

2. i just noticed my dress is see-through
not like "omg i see your undies" see-through, but like "when there is light behind you, i can see the outline of your legs" see-through. oops. good thing tights were in the mix this morning. i suppose now i have to go buy a slip. gross.

3. i need to work on my elevator ettiquette
case in point: i dropped a letter today on my way to my elevator bank. a nice man picked it up for me. i thanked him. then he got on my same elevator. um, am i supposed to make chit-chat with him for 9 floors now, just because he picked up my letter? so awkward.

4. this is the funniest and creepiest thing i have ever seen.


  1. kings of leon are amazing, and that broccoli thing is extremely disturbing. a fine post, indeed

  2. I downloaded their album too. I LOVE it. I blogged about it too! BTW, they're in Austin Saturday.. If you wanna/can go lemme know!

  3. MONKEY'S BIRTHDAY. Heck yeah dude. P.S. I tagged you!

  4. monkey's birthday? i'm going to start using that! (ps - i totally understand the see-through dress problem - why cant i ever tell it's see-through at home!)

  5. i looove kings of leon.

    my fave song is off their "because of the times" album, called "knocked up."

    anytime we say or hear something about babies or pregnancies, we start singing "i don't care what nobody says, we're gonna have a babyyyyyy"

    download it. it's mighty catchy.

  6. I was supposed to go to the Kings of Leon concert last night but had to cancel last minute. Next time!

    LOVE THEM (obviously!)


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