Tuesday, October 14, 2008

roll models

oh daily intel.

you tell it like it is.
on serious, important, crucial world events like this week's gossip girl recap.

my life goal is to maintain the caliber of biting witt that is:

the daily intel's weekly synopsize of the greatest show of our time.

dear reader(s?), if you are a gossip girl fan and are not a weekly follower of daily intel, shame on you!

shame! shame! shame!

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  1. i just watched monday's episode tonight (all hail the mighty tivo) and although I did appreciate the catfight, it wasn't their strongest. i love love love the show and totally have my sister addicted to it!!!

    p.s. do i want to be serena's wardrobe? the answer is yes.

    love your blog! love the elephants...who could resist babar?


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