Thursday, October 2, 2008

so goal-oriented

Yep, me again. 3x in 3 hours... I know, I'm out of control.

(are these Sponge Bob's hands? bizarro)

Just an update on my 101 (ah-hemm, 88) in 1001:
Goals I Have Accomplished Thus Far:

  • #8: Plan a Couples' Trip - Evan, myself + RJB and JBH traveled to Thailand together for 2 weeks to celebrate Rory's and my completion of the Bar Exam. It was a fantastic trip - very well planned, if we do say so ourselves! Bar Trips should totally be yearly affairs.

  • #17/18: Core Fusion/Yoga or Pilates, 2x Weekly - I finally tried Core Fusion (a mix of strengthening pilates, yoga, and ballet) - I'm totally addicted - enough so to drag myself out of bed at 5:30 AM 2x a week (okay, okay, the rain forest showers at Exhale could have something to do with it, whatevs).

  • #55: Attend Local Events - We really wanted to attend the Uptown Festival 3 weekends ago but Ike ruined our plans - then we set out on a normal, Saturday afternoon walk this past weekend and stumbled upon the Rescheduled Uptown Festival! Screw exercise, there's a polka band and beer!!!

  • #72: Make My Secretary Like Me - I was worried about this one! Who wants to make copies for a 25 year old blond kid who has no clue what she's actually doing? Well, I think I've won K. over with my sass and utter clueless-ness in Week 3. I'm such a hopeless case with office supplies that she's often heard uttering the phrase "do you really want me to show you or can I just do it myself?" Ahhh, I heart me some K.

  • #82: Transfer Voter's Registration to Dallas Co. - Done! Nothing quippy to say about that :(

  • #87: Switch to Reusable Shopping Bags - Yeah, I have to admit, I really did this b/c the other cute kids at Central Market were giving me the stare-down no matter which recyclable grocery carrier I chose (paper...evil eye... or plastic...evil eye). So now I have my reusable, insulated grocery totes! Which I carry in my gas-guzzling SUV! Woo hoo!

wow. i rock. time for a nap.

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