Sunday, October 19, 2008

tag! i'm it!

this is too exciting - i've never been tagged before! thanks to mrs. forever - a fellow dallas-ite whose blog i heart - for tagging me!

so now i list 6 things that make me happy... obviously i love my friends, my family, Evs and the Boom, so i've picked smallish, random happy moments!

1.) waking up on saturday morning, with no alarm - rough-housing with Evs and the Boom - and then going to Einsteins for breakfast sandwiches.

2.) cold, rainy afternoons - wrapped up like a cocoon on the couch - watching movies and ordering take-out.

3.) holiday smells - cinnamon, pumpkin, smoked turkey, cornbread dressing baking - in a warm kitchen, with family laughing in the living room.

4.) planning at the beginning of a big trip - buying the frommer's, tabbing all the sights, potential restaurants and hotels, and creating itineraries - day-dreaming about all the fun coming-up.

5.) long walks - talking about nothing and everything - on a 65 degree day.

6.) browsing a bookstore with nowhere to be - stacking up a pile of books, sitting in an over-stuffed armchair - sipping on a latte - discovering new things.

yay! so now i tag 6 other bloggers...
- my dear friend Lyndz of Millytini, Straight Up, with a Twist
and then my knottie blogging friends:
- Christy of Christy's 101 in 1001
- Jill of Confessions of an Enginerd
- Victoria of Vicki Smalls
and then some fun high school friends:
- Allison of The Blogivers
- Amanda of Meet the Joiners

have fun kiddos!

and now i leave you with another thing that makes me happy... a weekend out with friends, after a bigtime horns win!


  1. woo hoo! thanks for the tag! i'll try to jump on it tomorrow :)

  2. it took me .10 seconds to work on my happy list. (and .10 seconds to decide my homework due in the morning can be done on the bus ride to school)

    btw, your hair looks fabulous in those photos. where are these bad hair days you speak of? all i've seen so far is cute cute cute.

  3. Thanks for the tag- I am totally going to do it! But I most likely won't get to it until tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't blatantly disregarding it :)


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