Thursday, October 16, 2008

(tentatively) good day!

its 8:44.

i'm home. my tummy is full of thai chili rice and edamame. i'm 3/4ths of the way through my first glass of angel face pinot grigio. and me and the Boom are watching the Project Runway finale on the dvr.

life is good!

oh! and my cute return-address stamp for our save-the-dates came from sweet papery - such a happy little package in my mail box!

i know i've been on a bit of a post-rampage today, but its been quite the day. about 3 hours ago, our section found out that a case set for trial on monday *might* (fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed) be continued for a later date. which means i *might* (fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed) get my weekend back! i love, love, love actually practicing law but this week has been taxing and i can't even imagine what the attorneys sitting first and second chair on this honker must feel like right now.

maybe its selfish or overly optimistic for a first year associate, but gosh-darnit, i need my weekends! i need to destress and wear jeans for more than 10 hours at a time. i need to watch trashy television. i need to sleep late. and most of all, i need that quality time with my peeps (that would be Evs and the Boom).

i always thought that when i moved to Dallas, our mini-family would finally get to hang out everyday, after being in separate cities for the vast majority of our relationship. i thought it would be easier to coordinate our schedules. i thought we'd come home, take a walk, cook some chicken, and lounge. well, real life's a bitch. and even though we're literally 5 miles away, its a special night when we're together on a weekday. which totally sucks. totally, totally, totally. its almost more frustrating to be 5 miles apart and... apart, than 100.

the moral of this story: we should have just bit the bullet, shushed the parental commentary, and embraced "livin' in sin." oh well, one more challenge - and in 5 mo., we'll be stuck together in the same space... for. ev. ver... like the Sandlot! which i have to tell you, sounds pretty freakin' amazing!

anyhoo, moral of the moral of the story: keep your eyes, fingers, eyeballs crossed for me... non-working-weekend... gimme, gimme!


  1. I'm sorry you and your man don't get to spend that much time together during the week. I remember those days. Although we are still busy and have somewhat conflicting schedules, it's *so* much better now that we live together. so... you have that to look forward to! And I know you will appreciate it even more after experiencing these tough times.

    Eyeballs crossed for you!!! You have to be able to watch the Texas-Mizzou game. Just tell them that, and I'm sure they'll decide to continue the case! ;)

  2. I've got every limb of my body crossed for you love...I tried to warn you people that the real world wasn't all its cracked up to be ;-)

  3. I'll be throwing magic fairy dust your way and hoping for a weekend for you! It is so rough when you work late nights and weekend - Casey and I did it for 3 months before the wedding and it was not a happy time. It gets a lot better once you live together though! (Honestly - it does! I still ended up leaving the job but that's because no amount of magic fairy dust or intervention from heaven ever got me a weekend off but the nights got better when I could at least crawl into bed and snuggle with him when I got home really late!)

  4. We lived 10 miles apart for 2.5 years, and it got to the point where I was pretty much living there anyways, so finally I just moved in :) I still believe that we are 'livin in sin' and we haven't told our priest yet... but I must say, coming home each night to him, making dinner, and then cuddling while watching TV... pretty darn good :) You'll get there, and you will be glad you waited :) It just adds one more excitement to getting married !

  5. everything is crossed. and i love the way you write.


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