Monday, October 27, 2008

weekend recap

another wonderful weekend here in Dallas! here's the recap:

- Evs slept in and piddled around with the Boom while I slaved away (H&B moved offices = day off = lucky duck!)
- 7:45 dinner reservations at Hibiscus - we ate here for our 1st anniversary and had a weird experience - not bad but seriously, our entire meal took only about 45 min. and it wasn't like we were rushed... just that about 5 minutes after we ordered anything it would appear. anyhoo, we've been wanting a "do-over" and boy did we get one! Hibiscus was delicious and did not disappoint on service or quality! a lovely, relaxing 2.5 hour meal! on the menu:

  • dungeness crab dip (um, i die, a la rachel zoe)

  • bibb lettuce, mandarin oranges, candied walnuts, avocado, and champagne vinaigrette

  • pecan-crusted mahi-mahi with mustard sauce and sweet potatoe puree (for me)

  • prime filet (for him)

  • brocoli and asparagus sides

- see previous post for our eventful day at PB and Crush
- followed by dinner al fresco at one of our favorite places: Little Katana. great suishi and asian-inspired entrees.

- Evs was a peach and let me watch (and sing, loudly and semi-drunkly) Grease on hbo and then there was some My Cousin Vinny. great movies!

- Nail Bar Girl Day w/ HH (previous post for my TMI PSA).
- then i treated myself to some Roly Poly and a long chat with my madre whilst grocery shopping.
- long walk with Evs and the Boom, then a little melon and cucumber bath for the boom.
- and now, hbo Sunday tv... ahhhhhh!

hope ya'll's weekend was just as fine!


  1. LOVE Hibiscus!!!!! AND my best friend is going to be a summer intern at H&B this summer!! What a small world!!

  2. sounds like a good one...miss you...

    OH! and I got the adorable Save the Date cards!!! yay!!!!!!

  3. love love love your blog! found it through tale of two sisters! you make me laugh...and i need a daily dose of that for sure :)

  4. Little Katana is my favorite date night place! yum yum. Your save the dates look awesome!


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