Tuesday, October 21, 2008

work taffeta?

with the encouragement of my personal fashion consultant (and terribly missed fellow information-miner), RJB, i purchased this little wonder from j. crew:
(paired with a fitted, white button-down, tucked in and these:)...well, i'm not so sure. its not the material so much as the poufy-ness. i kind of feel like an upside down cupcake... albeit a work-appropriate one.

possibly it would work better with a longer fitted sweater and a belt at the waist?

the jury is still out on this look... and the tag is still on the skirt.


  1. TWICE in one day....i feel so love!

    I miss you too!!
    I also miss enabling our fashion buys although I suppose both of our credit debt is benefiting from that! :(
    Is the shirt blousy or slim tailored? you don't want too much pouf! What about a fitted white sweater? Now this suggestion may bounce, but what about a fitted long sleeved tee (white) with a grey sweater cardigan or one (eek) tied around your shoulders and you could add lots of fun yet work appropriate jewelry. I mean with the fabulous shoes and silvery skirt, i think the shoulder wrap might look very chic.

  2. The white shirt is very tailored - its one we bought in Thailand - tucked in. I think its the all-tucked-in that is causing the major pouf b/c the skirt hits right at the natural waist with a 2 inch band and then poufs out from there - I think a slim-fitting sweater that hit at the hip woul tame down the pouf at the top of the skirt.

    I did this recently with that black, brown and cream tulip dress (the one I wore for grad) - I layered a cream sweater over it and belted at the waist - I enjoyed that look!

    I am intrigued by the cardigan... you know I'll do a shoulder-tie, but w/ the taffeta, will I look too Junior League?


  3. oo maybe, were this a pink or yellow outfit, i would never have suggested the cardigan...but since its grey and black - it might be ok. if you feel junior league-y, then you probably look it and therefore i would stick with the boyfriend style grey cardigan (worn not wrapped) or the fitted white sweater.
    i think i might enjoy a sweater, worn grad dress style!

  4. love the skirt! i'm sure you look adorable


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