Tuesday, November 11, 2008

amazing / not-so-amazing holiday finds

amazing: how chic (for cardboard, anyhow) is this advent calendar from Starbucks? i saw the display while picking up my morning beverage and was tempted to grab one for myself! advent calendars were big in my house growing up - and i'm talking the candy ones! i always felt sorry for the kids who had the decorative, reuseable advent calendars - sure they were pretty and festive... but i liked to open my little door every morning and enjoy a chocolate treat!


i'm not a big baskin-robbins fan to begin with (i prefer tcby or, if i'm in austin, amy's) so maybe i'm biased from the beginning... but seriously? an icecream cake shaped like a turkey? that's freakin' disgusting. i think it might be time to shake-up the b-r think-tank, peeps.


  1. i absolutely LOVE advent calendars! we used to fight as kids over who got to open the next day, etc! such fun!

  2. that turkey ice cream cake looks disgusting.

  3. I love the candy advent calendars - we used to get one every year! I am planning on making one this year - but I am thinking I might make one with boxes so that it can hold candy!!

  4. I must admit, I am a bit biased since we had a Baskin Robins ice cream cake just 2 weeks ago for my FI's birthday. I got his made with World Class Chocolate. People declared it the best ice cream cake they'd ever eaten. Buuuut it also wasn't shaped like a turkey.


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