Monday, November 24, 2008

confession monday

i have irrational dreams about cooking supplies.

backstory: i cook a decent amount for someone who lives alone with no one but a small terrier to judge her eating habits, but i must admit my recipes usually involve at least one key component from a box. i'm not the kind of girl that has, say, baking soda AND baking powder in her cabinet.

so anyhoo, i go to get supplies for my Thanksgiving Cooking Extravaganza and of course i need all this stuff that i don't have that Those Who Cook would have (brown sugar, nutmeg, butter, etc). obviously these items do not come in small sizes - which is fine for all the aforementioned items, but not for things like light sour cream. i do not eat sour cream. i have a major aversion to white, cream condiments and sauces and am having trouble psyching myself up to even make something that calls for sour cream. so it just gets my freakin' goat that i have to buy 16 oz. of light sour cream when i only need 4 oz - its wasteful and i don't want it sitting in my fridge, in all its white creamy grossness.

so whatevs, i suck it up and buy the damn vat of sour cream. and then last night, i have a dream that i'm putting my groceries up and discover that i already have sour cream and have thus wasted $4.87 on new sour cream that will just go uneaten. this pissed me off in my dream and pissed me off again when i woke up. i actually got up to check to make sure there was only one container of sour cream in the fridge.

its possible i'm nuts.

happy monday!


  1. you are like George Banks from Father of the Bride when he freaks out about the "superfluous buns"....ha

  2. yuck. i do not like white sauces/ingredients/etc either. i believe a smaller size is sold (i think i've seen it at the super target where i purchase pretty much everything) but could be wrong seeing as i too avoid the stuff like the plague.
    Have a GREAT week!


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