Friday, November 21, 2008

final count: dallas co. courthouse: 1 / kate: 0

here's the sub-tally from my very first solo court visit:
  • spending an hour memorizing file yesterday - even though it was just a status hearing: +1 (for preparedness)

  • being scared poop-less - even though it was just a status hearing - thus resulting in impressive wine consumption last night: -1 (for weenie-ness)

  • smart yet chic ensemble paired with whimsical yet sophisticated outerwear (including this and these): +1

  • realizing i have yet to procure any sort of lawyerly-looking briefcase/folio/tote and subsequently being reduced to carrying sorority-esque longchamp tote in bright marigold color: -1

  • favorite tweezers confiscated by posse of irrate metal-detector opertators: -1
  • arriving responsibly early after executing perfectly-googled route, only to be told that i'd been taken off the docket (-1) ...on tuesday (-1) ...even though i called yesterday and was told i was still on the docket: -my sanity.

on the upside, on the way back to work, i realized 103.7 is now playing all Christmas music, all the time! some people think this is ridiculous... i think its ridiculously fabulous!

happy friday!


  1. ok I know this post was not meant to be funny but i was totally cracking up!!!

    Oh and P.S. My middle name is not kathryn but it is karen so we are almost opposites!

  2. I would have been terrified! At least you looked cute, right? I'm obsessed with the W&W gloves you got. I want them in black but they're sold out....ugh! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. +1 for being awesome overall and having awesomely pretty, cute, talented and chic best friends. +infinity points. you win.

  4. I agree with Milltini - totally +1 for being awesome! You win!

    I'm sitting and listening to Christmas music while I blog - and loving it!!

  5. Same thing happened to me at Travis Co. but it was my favorite pink swiss army pocket knife. I guess they thought I was going to hold them up with my fabulousness. Oh well.

  6. All Christmas music all the time? I'm down.


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