Tuesday, November 4, 2008

happy election day, america!

today, i am cautiously optimistic. i've been so impressed by the dialog this campaign has spurred, and i've felt challenged by many of the arguments presented by both candidates. and isn't that what an election should do? wake us up? make us think? shake us out of complacency?

america needs a good, swift kick in the ass. and i think this election has given us one. let's hope it sticks.

so here's to you, fellow voters - i hope you get your sticker today! and i hope tomorrow, whichever way the states fall, we can put all the mudslinging and argument aside and get to work pulling this great country out of the shitter.

i must say though, i sure will miss tina fey.


  1. i'm also cautiously optimistic. i want to buy some tasty korbel for a victory toast but i think that might jinx it!

  2. Oh, darn, just looked, and we won't know results until after 11p.m. tonight in Texas!

  3. They ran out of stickers where I went this morning. How am I supposed to get my free krispy kreme donut!! Here's to it almost being over.

  4. This election is going to make me fat.

    Happy e-day to you!


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