Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hello pretties!

while the baby-lawyer in me would love to get all fired-up and blog away about my thoughts on the election (and as a socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative, louboutin-obsessed, ex-crunchy-granola-austinite, currently residing in dallas, i have a lot of thoughts), i think it’s best to keep it classy and move onward to the cashmere commentary!

(from white + warren)

heeeeeey little wristlet-bow gloves that arrived in my office today! you are going to make my hands happy on those cold drives to work before the heater kicks in! you would also make quite a nice holiday gift! thanks for cheering up my afternoon as Bar Results Panic officially sets in!


  1. Wow, Kate, we have way more in common than I thought (a deep love of cashmere that trumps almost all else? that's me!). Next time you're in Austin we'll have to link up for a glass of pinot at Cork & Co!

  2. Loving those gloves! L-O-V-I-N-G!

  3. Those gloves are to die for! Love the little bow!

  4. I bought those too!! Did I send them to you or did you send them to me? Can't even remember but great minds think alike :) Now if only I had them when I was in Lubbock this past weekend...


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