Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a rant, a find, a pat-on-the-back

a rant:
dear j. crew:

we are in a fight. i officially switch my alliegance from my beloved BR to you, and how do you repay me? with a slap in the face, that's what.

a mere 48 hours ago, i ordered my new-and-improved wedding shoes, along with a little Christmas gift for a certain someone. these items came - per usual - with a price tag, but i bit the bullet and charged b/c i knew these beauties would bring happiness.

this morning, i recieve this email from you:

30% off? are you freakin' kidding me? that would be like a whole new pair of shoes. so i call your customer service department, thinking "surely j. crew will be as accommodating as bananers, who is always willing to give me the sale price if have ordered in such close proximity. its the only fair way to treat such a loyal customer." yeah, not so much. i chatted with a very patronizing employee who treated me much like a 4 year old who had gotten into her mommy's speed dial. "holiday cheer", my ass.

well, take this j. crew: i reordered... using your sale coupon... i saved over $120... and the minute i receive my first package, i will be prancing down the street to North Park to return my first purchases at full price. subsequently, i shall enjoy the 2nd round of purchases at 30% off. in your face.

oh, and i'm not inviting you to my birthday party... unless you bring pretty clothes.

unsincerely, your ex-bff

a find:
how ridiculously adorable are these letterpressed items from Linda & Harriet?

loyal readers, you know i love i good piece-o-paper and these make me tingle with joy! i smell new thank-you notes and hostess gifts!

a pat-on-the-back:
to further scratch my Time for Christmas Itch, i addressed, stuffed, and stamped all our Christmas cards last night! not quite as daunting a task as our save-the-dates, but a task nonetheless.
oh, and The Boom helped.


  1. Oh J.Crew! That would make me so mad. It never fails that every time I order something it goes on sale the next day. So frustrating!

    You are on top of things already addressing your Christmas cards! I am getting mine next week, and I can't wait to send them out!

  2. yeah i could have written this post exactly...oh j. crew, i am over you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so after the holidays, drinks at a wine bar?

  3. that's messed up of j.crew. I'm glad you got 'em back :)

  4. oh jcrew and their annoying, condescending customer service... beyond annoying! glad you bought another pair with the discount!

  5. How dare J. Crew!!!! Not cool. They seem to be losing points with everyone. (including me!). Hmph. That's pretty awesome that you re-ordered with the discount.

  6. I've played this game with the Gap, but they're customer service reps were well aware that I intended to return the items at the original price. I kind of posed it to them as "we can do this the easy way where you cancel my order before it ships, or we can do it the hard way." They ultimately caved to my demands and I redid the order and they never shipped my original one.

  7. I usually just go to the store and complain. The salesperson gets confused and just gives in :)

    I love the elephant card!


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