Tuesday, November 25, 2008

shout out!

i love our invitation designer! rebecca from the white aisle is not only extremely talented but has been an absolute dream to work with (we've seriously sent over 47 emails back and worth this past week - i'm sure she thinks i'm a complete control freak). she and her husband started the white aisle in 2002 after designing all of the stationary and favors for their own destination wedding. they also do tons of work with children in cambodia - setting up a vocational school to help young girls get out of the sex trade. check out their silk bridal accessories that are not only gorgeous but help a wonderful cause.

as for their work, their tagline is "modern stationary, vintage feel," which i was immediately drawn to. they also do very reasonably priced letterpress that doesn't skimp on quality. anyhoo, i was just looking at her blog this evening and discovered 3 awesome new designs for the 2009 line (all of their work can be done in flat printing or letterpress):

"Central Park": how cute for a spring/summer casual affair? i love all the bicycle themes that i've seen lately!

"Versailles": obvi i love this one since i'm a total bubbly-freak! we are having a champagne bar in lieu of a signature cocktail and i squealed when i saw these!

"Philadelphia": if i had any wiggle room in the budget, you'd better believe i'd be begging rebecca to design menu cards for me in this motif!

so check the white aisle out online - these pictures just don't do their work justice! tell them their #1 stalker bride sent you!


  1. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for invitations. They all look the same to me, I wish I had an eye for this sort of thing :(.

  2. I'm with you on loving my stationery designer... and I think the decision to go the custom route is in response to, like Kelly said, all invitations out there looking the same and so very blah. The design process has definitely been the most fun part of this so far. Beats dress-shopping by a mile.



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