Sunday, November 9, 2008

weekend recap

good weekend! the highlights:
  • relaxing Friday evening... Parera take-out and Fight Club on tv. i always forget how clever that movie is.

  • both the horns and the deacs prevailed

texas over baylor: 45-21

wake forest over virginia: 28-17

  • got an early headstart on our Christmas shopping - crossed Ev's mom, my grandparents, my mom, and some stocking stuffers off our list.

  • celebrated passing the bar at N9NE steakhouse in victory park - i highly suggest it to anyone in the Dallas area - very young, fun atmosphere and amazing bar area.

  • berry mojito - had to take a picture just for you, Mojito Maven!

    congrats cookies!

  • deep-cleaned my apartment, grocery shopped, and tried a new soup recipe (split pea and lentils - delicious!).

hope everyone else had a great weekend!


  1. woot woot!!!! goota love the raspberry mojito!!! LOVE N9NE steakhouse...we were at Craft Dallas at the W last night celebrating Mr. Mojito's was sooooooooooo good...have you tried it???

  2. definitely not fru-fru...craft's motto is "from the farm to the table" so everything is really hearty looking...all of their entrees are served family style and so good! we ordered the red orange and fennel salad to start, then the beef short rib with root vegetables, roasted carrots, and risotto (seriously so amazing), and the beignets for dessert. the service was excellent but the food has more of a rustic feel (things are served in black clay pots, etc)...i can't wait to go back!! AND they had an excellent mojito!

  3. Fight Club-what a great movie! Love the congrats cookies!

  4. I love N9NE - we haven't been in forever! And MM is right - Craft is really good and totally not fru-fru. We were there last weekend with friends and they have great food - and the prices aren't as bad as you would expect. The next restaurant I want to try is Fearings - I've done brunch but I want to do dinner!

    Anyway - enough about food!! You should check out my blog - I have an award for you!

  5. I get sick and look what I miss! Congrats on passing the bar!


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