Monday, November 3, 2008


i had my second Famega experience this weekend and it was even better the second time around! i first discovered Famega - a light, white table wine from Portugal - at World Market. i'd had some delicious white wine in Portugal during my semester in Spain and when i spotted this prettily labeled bottle at WM, i was hoping i'd stumbled upon another little treasure.

Famega Vinho Verde 2007

luckily... a little treasure it was, indeed! RJB and i bought 2 bottles at Crush this weekend and sipped away at the lightly bubbly yumminess to our hearts' content! a new contender for our reception white has been officially found! plus, wine library describes it as "the ideal natural low calorie white wine"... um, score! (of course, the trade-off is the 9.5% alcohol content, but whatevs!)


  1. That looks yummy and I could use a glass right now :)

  2. I'm a big fan of the vinho verde, when I first picked some up at World Market last Summer I was not expecting it to be lightly carbonated though. I think it would make a v appropriate wine for your wedding.


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