Tuesday, December 16, 2008

can't sleep

thought i was sleepy. not so.

minor wedding-related-anxiety-attack whilst tossing and turning. brought on by what? absolutely no idea.

had to get up and make a list... ahem, 3 lists. wrote a list for Evs. emailed him said list (for which i will be mercilessly teased in the morning). fought the urge to create a color-coded spreadsheet.

mentally beat self up as have not called dear friends in for-ev-ver (Sandlot-style) as have my head up my own ass with holiday-ho-ho-ho-ing and general bride-y-ness. reminded self that, regardless of what MS Weddings would have me believe, the world does not give a shit about letterpressed place cards (even if they are really pretty ones).

feeling slightly more grounded in reality after proverbial self-bitch-slap. not feeling even slightly more sleepy.



  1. Hopefully you're sleeping now? Nights when you can't sleep seem endless to me... not fun at all.

    Hope you have a good Tuesday x

  2. Oh, this made me laugh. I remember these days. This too shall pass, and at least you recognize it for the occasionally silly process it is. I'm sure your friends understand; besides, one day it will be their turn to bore you senseless about seating arrangements.

    PS - Thanks for the vampire reading recommendation! Far be it from me to make fun, ALL of my friends have been going on about those books, so I think I'll pick up the first one.


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