Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas spirit: check!

had a wonderful quick trip home for Chili & Tamale Night... the food was delicious (the sausage cups were a hit!) and its always wonderful to see my parents and my dad's side of the family - especially since i spent Thanksgiving with Evs' family. sadly :( Evs didn't get to come with as anticipated but i'm glad he was able to get lots of work done (and shopping!) this weekend so that Christmas Day will be completely free for celebration. we can't wait for Christmas Eve in Waco with my mom's side of the fam!

this weekend also helped me really get into the holiday spirit - i've really been missing not having a tree in my little apartment (no where to put it!) but seeing the home i grew up in all decked out in its holiday finery really got me in Will-Ferrel-Elf-Style Christmas-Cheer-Mode! and, my mom got me my own little "Chili Tree"... long story but "Chilly" is my nickname - so it was a great find and a great before-xmas gift! i also recieved the cutest stemless wine glasses (and some vino!) from one of my mom's friends as a gradutation gift - fabulous!

after getting back today, Evs and i went to see Doubt... AWESOME! the plot line is not thrilling or edge-of-your-seat, but the acting was superb! i smell Oscar nods for Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams and a full-out win for Meryl Streep. i can't wait for Oscar Season!

hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!


  1. 1. confession: i've never eaten a tamale.
    2. elf references make me happy. today i answered my phone "buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?" more than once. loooove it.

  2. I love the chilli-tree, it's fabulous!!!

    Saskia x

  3. LOVED having you home for the weekend--and wish Evan could have come too. I'm really missing the college/law school schedule--where you had 2+ weeks off instead of a couple of days! Glad you like the chili tree.XOXOXO


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