Monday, December 22, 2008

confession mondays

confession: my very favorite song to jam out to, alone, in my car, at an ear-splitting volume, that is not a showtune, is a tie between...

"Gallery" by Mario Vasquez

and "Happy Ending" by Mika (i pump the volume straight up to 25 when the triple violins start)

plus: i realized on my car-trip this weekend that i have multiple mix cds with the Baby Bash Remix of "Gallery" AND the original Spanish/English version of "Gallery" AND "Happy Ending" on them... back to back.

sheer awesomeness.


  1. Kate, I feel special knowing that I introduced you to "Happy Ending" in January of this year. Just thought I'd give myself some credit where credit is due! I jam out to it all the time too...

  2. I am a new reader so I am trying to catch up and I when I read this post, I had to make a comment, even though it's almost 2 years later! I absolutely LOVE "Happy Ending" and it makes me giddy, too!


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