Monday, December 22, 2008

elizabeth taylor moment

so while i know 8 husbands aren't in my future, and planning my 1 wedding is enough for me, wouldn't it be fabulous to have 8 wedding dress opportunities?

if a wedding on a mexican beach were on my horizon, i would happily pair my sandy, bare feet with any of these j. crew beauties...

confetti dress:
feather chiffon gown:

tulle cascade gown:

lisette gown:
hand me a margarita and waltz me down the aisle!


  1. J.Crew really knows how to tug at your purse strings. that last one is sooo pretty!! Have you shared a pic of your dress? or are you keeping that a secret?

  2. those dresses are stunning. who knew! i love them all!

  3. The last one was the one that I was going to wear for our vow renewal, which was going to be at the beach. I love it!


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