Wednesday, December 17, 2008

fairy dust, por favor!

its officially year-end-review-time! the staff are currently having their reviews... i can only guess that us lowly associates will be next.

this makes my stummy rumbly for two reasons:
  1. ...b/c my cc's and i are praying for a decent holiday bonus... otherwise my always-good-however-slightly-over-extended credit will be facing a very grim shopping budget in '09
  2. ...b/c, um, its a freakin' year end review, the very purpose of which is to make employees nervous
fingers crossed that i walk out with both my dignity and an envelope containing something that is not a membership to a jelly of the month club.


  1. oh, those really are icky. I always think I'm going to cry, but I don't know why. Good luck---hope you get something better than jelly too!

  2. Well, if your holiday party is any indication, they should be spreading that wealth around!

    Sadly, at my company, we have profit-share day (well, happily we have it). The vice-chair of the board walks around and personally hands everyone their check. She's so sweet and the checks this year were 20% of people's salaries, so they are all "I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!" Sadly for me, the checks were only through October and I started in November so I got no visit.


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