Tuesday, December 2, 2008

intoducing: kate's gift picks!

i love picking out the perfect gift! nothing sets my heart a-twitter like stumbling upon something that instantly makes me think of someone dear on my gift-purchasing-list (well, maybe red-bottomed shoes and buttery leather purses, but that's neither here nor there).

so every year during the holidays, i open up glamour and elle... and then i click on j.crew and nordstrom... and i spy all these "holiday gift lists." well, as much as i love good eye-candy, the "buy your man a $900 cashmere sweater" lists aren't the most helpful gift guides for this chick.

so today i was a-thinkin' "if those idiotas on stylista can put together a few happy, shiny items, surely i could manage a list of my own!"

and thus, Kate's Gift Picks was born! for the next 3 days, i will be featuring gift ideas for everyone on your holiday gift list (along with my normal daily dribble, obvi - wouldn't want you to go through wannabe-wit-withdrawal). on deck for tomorrow... the perfect presents for those foodies in your life:
  • "for the chef extraordinaire," as well as...
  • "for the wobbly wino."
so don't forget to tune in!


  1. mmm, red bottom shoes and buttery leather. Girl, you are speaking my language.

    Is it bad if I'm seriously considering putting $300 shoes on my wishlist? $300 hot pink heels that I would never wear but must.have.now? (scratch that, I have been stalking them for 11 months, no joke)


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