Monday, December 8, 2008

Kate's Holiday Gift Picks: Installment #2b.

sorry about the hold-up in the Gift Picks... thursday's festivities and the subsequent friday hangover + ice hockey excursion put a little crimp in my plans to have all of my 7 categories out by the end of last work week. so this morning i bring you the second subpart of Installment #2 and Installment #3 will be out later this evening!

so i give you my holiday gift picks...

... for the bun-in-the-oven (and the bun's parentals!):

disclaimer: i have no babies. i wouldn't classify myself as a "kid-person." at this point in time, my maternal instincts are confined solely to caring for one small yet feisty terrier. however, my shopping instincts usually prove to be halfway-decent and i consider my "cute-meter" to be highly attuned. so while i have no clue how practical the following items are, they are pretty freakin' adorable. so take them as you will!

  • Converse All Star Crib Sneaker... baby will be the coolest kiddo on the block in these mini All Stars! also available in pink and black. {Nordstrom - $19.95}

  • Goodnight Moon Board Book & Slippers... give the timeless children's classic by Margaret Wise Brown in this adorable gift set, complete with cozy bunny slippers. {Barnes & Noble - $15.99}

  • Trumpette 'Pee Wee' Socks Gift Set... i hear from my mommy friends that socks are waaaay more essential to babies' toesies than those adorable pint-sized uggs that i always ooo and ahhh over - this set of six comes in cheerful argyle patterns - a perfect shower gift when the little peanut's sex is unknown. {Nordstrom - $24.50}

up tonight, gifts for the manly men in your life!


  1. LOVE the books! I forgot all about those. I'll be adding those to my list of things to purchase for my preggers sis!

  2. I love all of the Trumpette socks. They are adorable!


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