Monday, December 8, 2008

Kate's Holiday Gift Picks: Installment #3

boys are always so tough! between dads, husbands, boyfriends, brothers... its enough to make a girl's head spin! hopefully you can find something in this post to please even the pickiest macho-men - i give you gifts...

... for the manly-men in your life:

  • Monogrammable Beer Pitcher... reminiscent of yee-old-tavern pitchers, this personalized piece of bar ware is sure to please the hops guzzler in your life - pair it with a membership to a microbrew beer of the month club, and this gift is sure to please! {$15 at Pottery Barn; for a great microbrew club with lots of price points}

  • Flexible Grill Basket... stainless steel basket forms to delicate to-be-grilled food: try toasting garlic bread or grilling seafood, veggies or potato wedges! my parents have something very similar and use it at least once a week - one of Evs' picks on our registry. {$26 at William-Sonoma}

  • The Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy... my dad and i read this series together as each book was published, starting when i was in middle school - and they also remain some of Evs' favorite books. highly deserving of the description "a genuine American epic" this trilogy will tickle the spirit of the wild west in even the most metro of city slickers. {All the Pretty Horses + The Crossing + Cities of the Plain - $28.80 at Barnes & Noble}

  • NFL Glassware... what goes best with beer? football, por supuesto! all pieces are available with the emblems of all 32 NFL teams - this includes: pub beer mug, double old fashioned, pilsner glass, serving bowl, beer pitcher, and ice bucket. {ranging from $19 to $49 - Pottery Barn}

  • The Sopranos: The Complete Series... the perfect gift? fuggedaboutit! all six seasons of The Sopranos in one collectors' set - 10 lbs, 33 discs, 86 episodes, lots-o-whacking! damn, i want this for Christmas! { special - $199.49 (you save over $200!)}

  • Monogrammed Steak Brand... what guy doesn't want to brand something? now your steaks and chicken can be "manly monogrammed!"choose from single, double or triple initials. {$39.95 at William-Sonoma}

tune into tomorrow evening for my last installment of Kate's Holiday Gift Picks:

  • "for the hostess-with-the-mostest"
  • "for the perfectly stuffed stocking"

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  1. You're so right, guys are always the hardest to shop for on my list! Thanks for the ideas!


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