Monday, December 22, 2008

quintessential monday

(a) i apparently calendar-ed not only myself for an 8 AM console installation appointment at the Service King but the entire firm as well. oh, and they all got friendly alarm reminders of said appointment at 6:45 AM.

(b) the outfit i had in my head last night to wear today - which involved eggplant tights - was not to be because my skinny black turtleneck is in the dry-clean pile. i was running late already... so i put an eggplant sweater on with my tights, a black pencil skirt and black boots. yeah, i totally look like a matchy-matchy cocktail waitress at some new corporate-rat-race-themed casino in vegas.

have a good one, kiddos.


  1. Hola, its KevJess - hey I have been meaning to email you about your get away car and a "married" sign. If you havent already purchased one, I have something that is SO cool that I got from Etsy that I wish I would have known for my wedding. Its vintage/romantic and so freaking cute. Any who email me at and Ill share! Jess

  2. "new corporate-rat-race-themed casino in vegas" I may or may not have just spit soda at my computer screen laughing from that. mondays are awful adventurous

  3. You are hilarious... For your sake, I hope your firm is more low key than mine was! I think it is funny, and I hope no one gave you grief about it :)


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