Friday, January 9, 2009

assistance, please!

okay lovelies, i need help brainstorming hostess gifts for my upcoming bridal shower. (btw, i am totally sitting in my office chuckling to myself at the pun-action... such a loser).

the shower is being thrown by four of my mother's good friends. i would like something thoughtful and unique but i really don't have time to find 4 separate, personalized gifts.

any ideas???


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  2. How about aprons? I think Blue-Eyed Bride gave these to hostesses at some of her showers and they were so freaking cute! You should ask her where she got them.

  3. Several of my friends' parents are throwing an engagement party for my fiancee and me. For host-hostess gifts, I am giving a subscription to Garden and Gun magazine (, along with the lastest issue of the magazine tucked in a cute totebag (like a Scout bag or an LL Bean boat and tote).

  4. i know a lot of girls on the knot gave like nice, cute-print umbrellas, or how about giving basically like a bath and body works basket with a note saying "hope your showers are as nice as mine!"

    you could buy cute containers at hobby lobby or something and then put whatever brand of shower-y goods you like (sephora or b&bw, etc)

  5. oooh or put it all in like a cute shower caddy type thing, maybe some sugar scrub, a loofah, etc.

  6. I love the apron idea! Not sure if they drink wine, but I was on etsy yesterday and came across the cutest monogrammed wine stoppers. I just searched wine stoppers on etsy and they came up. You can also search for aprons on there. They have some really adorable ones. Can't wait to see what you decide on.
    Just thought of something else: personalized recipe cards. has some cute preppy ones.

  7. Dali wine bar was DELICIOUS!!!

    cheese plate = AMAZING (especially the balsamic cherries)
    Osso Buco = YUMMY
    Lobster pasta = ummmm I finished my ENTIRE plate...oops

    seriously so good...maybe we could do a double date there sometime

    also, have you been to any of the other restaurants in that area? i've heard screen door is awesome...what about jorge's? fedora's?


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