Thursday, January 15, 2009

etiquette, tequila, & wannabe socialites!

i know you're all on the edge of your seats, waiting expectantly to hear about Maggie's and my venture into HP society for "An Evening with Anna Post"...

well wait no more!

i'm not sure what i expected, but Anna was lovely - very poised, very polished, but very modern-gal at the same time... not that i was expecting a troll, mind-you, but perhaps someone with a need for a little more metamucil in their life, if ya know what i mean. her talk was informative and thoughtful (even though i could do without her affinity for inner envelopes) and i think i would have purchased her book had i been in the early stages of wedding planning. as it is, we've tackled most of the decisions that lead to major etiquette foibles and it seems we've come out on top (except for the inner envelope - sorry, Anna).

the wannabes were out in semi-full-force, as to be expected. in an effort to be classy (ha!) i won't say anything besides: enviable footwear, enviable carat size, not-so-enviable botox work.

afterwards, we met another (new for me!) bloggy friend Slynnro at Mi Cocina for a couple rounds of mambo taxis. i won't go all sorority sister on you, but it is so refreshing to meet people and realize they are just as badass in real life as they are in this crazy blogging world. and, as someone who doesn't have many girlfriends in Dallas yet, it was lovely to spend an evening chatting with women who share similar views on life in this city, careers, marriage, politics, and lily pulitzer... you know, all the important shit. and, much to Evs' chagrin, neither of them left me in a bathtub full of ice, minus a kidney at the end of the evening!

thanks for a great evening gals - i hope we do it again soon!


  1. You are adorable. Round 2 shall be ours!! :-)

  2. I think you live in Dallas...

    Anyways, just spreading the word that Mrs. Hydrangea from Weddingbee and I are going to see Bride Wars on Saturday for the 11:25 showing at Northpark mall. We're meeting at the Starbucks next door at 10:45. We would love to see you there!

  3. Did you have the margaritas before or after the event? I could imagine that things would have been very different depending on when the drinks were consumed! Glad you had a good time and still have all your organs!

  4. i would've loved to have been there-- not for the botox, but for anna.

    also-- if i weren't pregnant, i'd fly to dallas to visit my folks and have a mambo taxi right now!!!

  5. when you made the comment about enviable shoes, carat size, etc....welcome to my experinece at the Junior League of Dallas information session I attended a few months ago! Seriously, where do these people get the $$$$?

  6. Round two is most definitely called for. Also, we didn't do inner envelopes either. Take that, Miss Post.

  7. I hope you all are pronouncing that "ON-Vell-ope," by the way, because that is the Anna Post Way.

  8. Dammit. Sitting here jealous of the Post reading, the dinner with SLynnRo, the fancy-pants margaritas, even the oh-no-Botox sightings. Hmmph.


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