Friday, January 30, 2009

farwell, my pretties!

when i was a little girl, i used to sit on top of my swing set and blow bubbles and pretend they were mini-Glinda's taking off on a fabulous journey in their pretty, shiny orbs (shut up, i'm an only child - i had to do something to entertain myself).

that's kind of how i feel today as our invitations are sent off into the great, wild yonder to mailboxes all over the country!

godspeed, pretty paper! i hope your journey is safe and warm (but not too warm!) and dry. and i hope people notice that i chose the whimsical, yet appropriate, stamp - and not just the ugly green wedding heart stamp. and i hope your recipient opens you and gasps "oh! this wedding shall be the perfect mix of classic and vintage, while maintaining an air of festivity and celebration!"
or how about if peeps just fill out the damn response cards? i'll settle for that.


  1. Hip, hip, hooray! What a huge accomplishment! So excited for you, talk about a big wedding week! haha Have such fun this weekend!
    p.s. I'm an only child too, and TOTALLY get where you're coming from! ha

  2. Love this post.

    Go, invitations, go!!


  3. How exciting!! That makes it so real now!

  4. Congrats on the milestone! And I never would have guessed that you were an only child like me! I thought me and Kelly and her little dog too were the lone examples of only children who turn out fantastic and interesting and not at all socially stunted - welcome to the club!

  5. SO much fun! Please post pictures of them after the wedding! This is a big day for you. At least you'll be out and about having a great time while they're being sent on their way.

    We used that stamp, too. :)

    And Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie.

  6. That is awesome you got your invites out!! It's official!!

  7. yay!! fly beautiful invitations, fly!!! :)

  8. Haha, love the stamps! I only wish I could remember to get cute stamps when I stop by the post office. Also, I left you something on my blog!

  9. HOW EXCITING!! I almost burst with excitement after sending our invites and receiving our first RSVPs!!

    I laughed so hard when I read about you blowing bubbles... it could have been me!! (I'm another only child)

    Hope you've had a great weekend x


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