Tuesday, January 27, 2009


lately, i have been simultaneously wishing for spring and bemoaning the lack of cuteness in my favorite shopping spots' spring previews. how hard it is to make a cute sundress people?!! come on, get cracking - i'm a very easy target!

and then... i returned to my desk after spending the day in a quadruple-wide (they do exist!) construction site project trailer, with no heat, in the middle of the biggest winter storm this year, pawing through documents and rat droppings (lawyering is soooo sexy, i can't even stand it)... and what awaits me?

new spring looks from BR! while none of these looks make me squeal "i die," they should tide me over for a week or so.

happy browsing! think warm thoughts!


  1. teehee. So crazy how a nice catalog can lift your spirits. My vera bradley mag did that to me today,

  2. Ooooh LOVE them!! I die too! ;)

    I have spring fever like crazy, I can't take this weather much longer!

  3. I died over the scarf a little bit when i checked my email this a.m.

  4. banana's spring lines are always the best. i'm so bummed that none of these will fit this year.

  5. Rat droppings- you are too funny! BR new Spring preview... agreed, just about enough to tide me over through these frigid cold winter days. Siiiigh, one can only dream of the Spring and Summer days to come!


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