Thursday, January 1, 2009

hello 2009!

hope everyone had a fan-tab-u-lous New Year's Eve filled with friends and giggles and bubbles and kisses and sparkly things! did anyone else see the crazy Australian dude on the motorcycle jump the fake arc de triumph in las vegas? probs not, but that was an interesting way to celebrate!

Evs and i trekked out to Alvarado, TX to ring in the new year at a ranch fete thrown by the very gracious RJB and JBH. we had a great time: met some fun, new peeps, ate some black-eyed peas, enjoyed some beverages, etc. in case you are all wondering, i wore the silver polka dot top sans sparkly jacket (looked too "office party") but with a hot pink pashmina - i was pleased with the look. pictures to come when i find my camera cord.

today has been spent watching the Rose Bowl Parade, watching football, watching more football, procuring Dumb & Dumber on blu-ray to watch on the new dvd player, pondering the difference between the $29 hdmi cord and the $89 hdmi cord (anyone know??), watching even more football, and - currently - waiting for Bangkok City to deliver a very large order of deliciousness.

in honor of this new year, i give you my very favorite wedding gowns from the Fall 2009 lines:

angel sanchez... oh angel, i will always have a soft spot for you as you are the most adorable latino man ever + you crafted My Dress! i love how his designs are fashion forward and very low on the frou-frou-factor but also keep some traditional elements. i think these new creations are just as dreamy - the one on the far right might be my 2nd favorite dress out of the whole bunch.

christos... i love the airy-ness of these dresses - they look so comfy! i can see that swiss dot number on left floating down the aisle on a sandy beach somewhere in the Carolinas.

melissa sweet... the perfect mix of glamour and tradition - i'm also glad to see such a stunning gown with straps. i really didn't want a strapless gown... but alas, i fell in love with one - but the dress on the right probably would have been on my short list had it been out when i was shopping.

carolina herrera... these two are pure works of art - too avant garde for my wedding, but if i were getting married in a downtown loft space or at the Nasher (le sigh - dream Dallas wedding spot!), these would fit right into that "vision"!

monique lhuillier... my one gown-shopping regret is that i never tried on an ML gown - simply gorgeous - all of them, even the ones that are completely "not me." the dress below is my absolute favorite - dare i say, were i shopping today, this might be THE dress!


  1. Fun fun fun! I love oohing and aahing over dresses that aren't mine ;-). Angel Sanchez: can't wait to see it! Awesome choices.

  2. I love looking at wedding dresses. Melissa Sweet and ML are my favorite designers!!

  3. Happy New Year!!

    Wow, those Carolina Herrera dresses are divine! Thank goodness my wedding day has passed or I would be having serious dress-doubts!!

    Saskia x

  4. middle Angel Sanchez, 3rd Christos!!! I die!!


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