Sunday, January 4, 2009

hodge-podge post

busy and productive, yet relaxing, 4 day weekend - here's the short version:

  • NYE / New Years Day (go here for a recap!) - cute pics from our celebration:

  • received my invitation for my first shower thrown by my mother's adorable friends!
  • registered and registry stalked! became super excited that someone bought us the Professional Multi-Chopper and 2 place settings of my beautiful china (this pattern is my favorite victory in the Bride vs. Groom Wedding Battles)
  • enjoyed a lovely couples' evening at Cafe Izmir and the Mavs game with RJB & JBH - loooove me some Mediterranean tapas!
  • purchased new running shoes to motivate my wedding weight loss / shape-up plan
  • enjoyed a very long walk on the Katy Trail... in the 80 degree weather
  • ate at one of our favorite new restaurants: Dali Wine Bar in the Arts District
  • created a coffee table photo book from Shutterfly of our favorite engagement pictures and photos from throughout our relationship to use as a guest book (left lots of white space for signatures)
  • brunched at Dream Cafe
  • deep cleaned apartment and put away holiday decorations... sorted 3 loads of laundry and realized i forgot new detergent at the grocery store...grrrrrrrr
  • discovered delicious new Weight Watchers friendly meals - Eating Right, found at all Safeway stores (Tom Thumb, etc). i enjoyed at philly cheese steak pocket (kinda like a lean pocket) for dinner = 5 WW points
  • received the first of my series of 4 nature peel facials at Spa Habitat (i die... le sigh)... adorable anestitician Heather and her perky nature conned me into purchasing at $56 exfoliation system... which i have to admit is awesome... and freakin' expensive... must work on my retail-therapy-resolve
  • finished holiday thank you notes
phew! good times!

now i'm going to enjoy a glass of pinot noir, my new Mama Mia dvd, the latest Real Simple magazine (which guarantees to make me "feel calmer now"), and... the Spring MS Weddings (i know, i know - i'm a bi-polar MS lover/hater).

hope your new year has been perfect thus far!


  1. i have to check out those weight watchers meals. and you are too adorable in that last picture! i envy your hair's volume haha :)

  2. You have been busy! I used to registry stalk all the time. Its so much fun to see what people are buying you! LOVE the NYE outfit.

  3. Fun weekend - we definitely like some of the same spots in town. ;-) I just booked a facial myself - the f-word was too kind over Christmas! - and have the same plans as you for a guest book. Totally the way to go - something you'll actually want to look at again over the years!

  4. A. I'm starting Weight Watchers, so, I'll have to check out the food at my local Tom Thumb.
    B. Just bought Mama Mia
    C. I almsot picked up the lastest Real Simple (because, let's face it, I could be taken down a notch), but, I am only allowed 1 magazine per grocery store trip (why i don't have subscritions is a mystery) and I had already hunted down the last Southern Living. --Hope RS delivers on its promise and that you are calmer :)


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