Thursday, January 8, 2009

i'm such a dweeb

so my post below about shoes was supposed to be entitled "sole sistas" (get it? punny!)... and i just realized that i totally f*ed it up - so not only am i a nerd for spending time thinking of lame puns for blog titles, i am doubly nerdy for not even being able to properly execute said pun.

i also labeled a column on my document production sign-in-sheet "roll in case" today... like dinner roll... instead of "role." needless to say, there were snickers from opposing counsel. cheers to being taken seriously!

glah. thank goodness tomorrow is friday.


  1. Longest. week. ever. We all need the weekend to get here! (am I a double dweeb for totally getting that you meant to write sole and was so tired when I read it that I didnt question the spelling? oops.)

  2. Hey!! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you and gave you an award on my blog! Hope you're having a good day!!

  3. How funny! Don't worry I didn't even notice! Is that bad!?!


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