Saturday, January 17, 2009

me + fiona apple...

... we've been bad, bad girls! i've been registry stalking in anticipation of tomorrow's shower and i'm so excited!

not that i am merely a gift-grubbing whore - i am also pumped to chat and nibble with lots of lovely ladies! it also seems like this is the kick-off to wedding season - from here on out its bachelor/bachelorette weekends, couples shower, final appointments with vendors, dress fittings, bridal portraits, etc!

this weekend has been quite productive so far: bought ties for groomsmen and Evs, picked our pork dish (tenderloin with balsamic peaches - ummm, heaven!), and had our 2nd pre-marital counseling session with the minister. aaaaand the horns, deacons (watched the game with the Austin Wake Alum), and bears all won today! that was a cherry on my sundae!


  1. 1. yay pork dish. i only eat chicken and pork and pork is def my fave. but nobody takes this into consideration! i have yet to attend a wedding with a pork dish and am glad they do, in fact, exist.

    2. yay shower! and um, i wish i had a good excuse for the amount of registry stalking i do...

  2. I just realized you went to Wake. My cousin graduated from Wake in 2006, she's from Dallas so I was wondering if yall had ever crossed paths. Not sure if you were in the greek community, but she was a Chi Omega.

  3. Have fun at your shower!!! Let's catch up when you get back!

  4. hope you had fun at our shower! your "honest scrap" post cracked me up...i had a similar problem at the target in college and brands, lets just not go there. it only becomes worse when you live in nyc. but hey, at least you look and feel cute!


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