Thursday, January 22, 2009

my personal super bowl

yes kiddos, Oscar nods are out!

see them here

i must admit i am totally intrigued and perplexed with some of the choices - Revolutionary Road got jipped pretty much all the way around except for a little Best Supporting Actor nomination; Leo - per usual - was entirely forgotten (its getting a little ridiculous, people - someday, there will be an uprising), while Hellboy II got some love (are you f*ing kidding me?), as did Tropic Thunder (ditto); and nothing for Grand Torino (usually Eastwood is always prime for Best Director - its like rule or something).

plus i just now realized how many movies i must see in the next 31 days in order to rise to my full holier-than-thou, cinematic high-brow height! (b/c no one likes a know-it-all who actually knows jack shit). i'll get at least 1 knocked out this weekend, maybe 2:
  • Milk
  • Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Revolutionary Road
  • The Reader
  • Frost / Nixon
  • The Wrestler

***update: it seems as if i have misjudged Tropic Thunder... after all your reviews, i shall add it to my Netflix... but i am going to fast-forward through all the Tom Cruise parts - that is my compromise to you.


  1. My fellow movie-phile, I'm right there with you. My Oscar movie, ohhellihavetoseeeverythingrightnow panic is in full force as of this morning. GAH.

    Cannot believe the "Revolutionary Road" snubs, but suspect it may have just been too dark for le Academy. However, think I saw that Michael Shannon (deservedly) got a supporting actor nod. Watch for him; he was the sneaky star of that movie.

    Ditto Eastwood; heard a funny on NPR this morning talking about the Academy's "Cult of Clint", so seems odd he got shut out.

    Also surprised at the Brangelina nods; I was so certain I'd shipped them off to Overexposure Island along with Tom/Kat(i)e and Brit.

  2. Sooo.... Milk was terribly drawn out, I feel. Could have been told in about 30 minutes. Slubdog Millionaire- hands down, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G- go see that one for sure!

  3. DITTO on most of your comments...

    what? no leo? and no revolutionary road?

    and i couldn't believe all of the actor nods for Doubt...

    movies we still need to see

    Frost Nixon
    The Reader

  4. Damn girl, and you call yourself a movie buff? I KID.

    I agree with Mel that RR is perhaps too dark for the Oscars; I would have liked to see a screenplay nom there, but then that's this nerd's fave category. And Leo (plus Kate, obvs) was tremendous, but the Shannon nod is a good thing. Do read the book, too.

    My favorite movie of the year so far was 'Milk,' and I think that's a very personal response to it. I went in having already been leveled by the documentary, and seeing the dramatic portrayals on the heels of Prop 8 was insanely emotional for me.

    Benjamin Button is fine. Liked it, didn't love it. Really liked Slumdog and The Reader, though. We're seeing The Wrestler and Frost/Nixon this weekend.

    Are you kidding me with the Angelina nomination? As for Clint... I'm not too worried about it, to be honest. I was happy that Robert Downey Jr was nominated - I adored Tropic of Thunder and it's exactly the kind of film Oscar usually snubs (but for the opposite reason of Revolutionary Road). As always, Oscar politics are ridiculous - the structure of the Kate Winslet nomination as opposed to the Golden Globe nominationS case in point this year. Would've liked to see a screenplay nod for Rachel Getting Married. The One That Got Away for me this year was Synecdoche, New York - no excuse for me as a Kaufman freak. My fellow film buff friends will say it was robbed of a screenplay nom, too.

  5. Milk, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost / Nixon were all great! I still need to see the others on your list.

    I am appalled by all the Doubt nods. I was not a fan.

  6. I think RDJ did a killer job in Tropic Thunder, I flippin' loved him in that movie. I'm glad that didn't go unnoticed.

  7. Obviously I need to get out of the house and see some of these movies! The only one I've seen that you mentioned is Tropic Thunder. It was pretty funny, but I agree with you on ff on all of the Tom Cruise parts! HA

  8. Per your update: Tropic Thunder will not disappoint! And I'm not kidding you... I detest Tom Cruise, and he is simply outrageous in this movie. Fatsuit, bald cap, dirty mouth, and dancing? You know you want to see it.

  9. Milk is amaaaaaazing. I would see it four million more times fa sho.

  10. i, personally, did not enjoy tropic thunder. at all. the best actor in the movie, however, was rob...followed by perhaps, TC, in his weirdest role to date!!

    but loved doubt and cannot wait to see slumdog millionaire!

    jason (the fiance) saw the wrestler and hated it, btw...(and HE even said marissa tomei's nude scenes were uncomfortably long and unnecessary)

    better get moving to see the rest though!

    the reader


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