Sunday, January 25, 2009

not quite a relaxing one...

... but a super productive weekend back home in Austin!

my mom and i were go, Go, GO from the minute i stepped off the plane to... pretty much now! from getting the invitations (!!!) 95% ready (they just need stamps) to finding the perfect bachelorette party dress / rehearsal dinner invites / hostesses gifts for next weekend to meeting with our unbelievably talented florist ... phew! every time my poor dad looked up, we were out the door again! luckily we were fueled with lots o' cheese and wine.

now i'm prepping myself for a week of thank-you-note-penning; Week 2 of Camp-Gladiator-busting-my-ass-ing; dress-fitting-(ing?); and Mrs. Mojito-meeting!!!

another whirlwind week, but i gladly anticipate the busyness as that means the arrival of all my girls on Friday will be here before i know it! i can't wait!



  2. I am with you on rushing and craziness... had more than a few "how in the hell will all of this get done?" moments this weekend myself. Still hoping someone will invent that time-stoppage device I always fantasize about...


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