Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i've never been a stalker of celebrity children - after all, it wasn't their choice to become media magnets and every child should have an opportunity to be just that - a child! but i have to admit... i love Malia and Sasha Obama - i think they are the most adorable and unassuming little ladies! and their outfits today?!! can you guess from where this fabulousness came?

J. Crew! i totally approve!

as i've commented on several other blogs today, i am thrilled to have kiddos in the White House again! and ones with such fabulous taste, at that!

and now... to ponder... important issues... like... what will Michelle wear tonight?


  1. They are adorable! I especially enjoyed the pink + orange combo. The white dress Michelle had on a few minutes ago (at the Neighborhood Ball) was gorgeous!

  2. Michelle's dress is on the msn.com homepage- gold and one shoulder!

    Sasha and Malia's dresses were adorable. And I loved your previous post earlier today about everything.

  3. As soon as I saw them walk out this morning I started squealing about their cute outfits! They are adorable!!!

  4. Trevor is becoming increasingly concerned that I'm not joking about wanting to kidnap little Sasha along with her pink coat and grin.

  5. i shall have a baby girl. and i shall name her malia. and she shall pop out wearing that adorable periwinkle jacket.

    as i was watching the kids i was like "hmm, did i see a coat in that blue color at macy's yesterday?" why am i trying to copy a 10 year old's fashion style? i have no idea.

  6. i saw an article on msnbc saying the girls are having a slumber party tonight while the obamas attend the balls...they asked to watch HSM 3 and Bolt. i find this adorable. haha.

  7. They are so adorable (love the sweet outfits- agreed!) and I'm completely fascinated with the whole Obama family!

    However, Jill Biden's boots for inauguration day? Am I the only one who thinks they were a terribly inappropriate choice for a diplomatic event like today? Just couldn't stand them...


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