Monday, January 26, 2009


so its confession monday... and i'm fresh out of confessions...

plus, everyone else is doing it. and i wanna do it too! (waaaaah!)

so... ask me stuff! all those burning queries you've been harboring... all those nights you've stayed up wondering "what would K do?"... now's your chance, chickadees.

oh, and if i only get like 3 questions... my self-esteem is going to be totally shot, so pressure's on. just sayin'.


  1. What is the worst thing you think you've ever done??? And have you told anyone about this before now???

  2. Question 1: If given the chance to do it all over again, would you or would you not choose to steal the pizza from the Papa John's man? Question 2 (kind of serious): If you could go back to any period in your life (not saying you would want to, because I fully believe we should love every period equally and live in the present), but just say you had a time machine and you could hop in it for like an hour or so--where would you go and why? Question 3: Do you think the first time corn popped it scared the hell out of the Indians? Question 4 (throwback to pledge cards): If you could rob any store--what would it be and why? 1, 2, 3...GO

  3. This is a total loser question, but I've always been curious...
    What kind of law do you practice? Do you regret choosing that practice area?

  4. How can I follow Milltini's questions?!? so not fair.

    1) When are you coming to NYC? I've met the rest of Milltini's loveable friends, I think I need to meet you too.

    2) How did you and Evs meet? (If this is already posted, just point me in the right direction)

    3)If you could only buy clothes from one store (aside from JCrew) where would it be?

    4) Do you think you'll ever get another dog or is the Boom enough for now?

  5. Just what are you drinking there?

    And when can we have our that one know the one...

  6. yeah seriously thanks Millitini!

    (because I ask everyone this question) What would your American Gladiator name be and why?

    Most embarrassing moment?

    Double date soon?

    Favorite drink besides wine?

  7. What's bootcamp like? Is it a fool's errand to think I can be ready for The Dress sans trainer?

  8. How did a born and bred Democrat like yourself fare at Baylor law (with the profs and fellow students)? My fiance might end up there, and he is a bit wary of transferring from one conservative school (Bama) to what could be another.

  9. If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with Mrs. Loomis or Miss Fuller, which one would you choose and why? ;)

  10. What are your top 3 movies of all time? I mean the ones that are your personal, potentially embarrassing favorites, not necessarily the ones you would proclaim publicly as Great Works of Art?

  11. What are you wearing to the Bachelorette Party this weekend. I for one would like to see pictures so I can choose my outfit.

    I love the Loomis and Fuller question!

    And just for a shameless shout out- Who is the cutest 18 month old you know?

  12. I wanna see answers....where are the answers posted?

  13. What are you most anxious about? What are you the most confident about?


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