Wednesday, January 14, 2009


* post on my facebook wall yesterday from one of Evs' groomsmen: "Kate, what is a couples shower?" GAH, boys.

* the Platinum Weddings commercial on WE ("its perfect! its perfect! i love it! its perfect!") makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a Swarovski crystal.

* somewhere along my trek to have "glowing, luminescent skin in 2009," i seem to have become obsessed with all things epidermis. i had to physically restrain myself from asking the ridiculously young-looking, 50-something woman sitting across from me at the Construction Ladies Luncheon yesterday what she uses on her face because her skin is so beautiful. luckily, there is no wine at these luncheons... otherwise, we definitely would have had an "inappropriately personal question" situation on our hands.

* i want a ProCaulk. and no, i have never caulk-ed anything in my life. and no again, its not just because ProCaulk sounds dirty on the info-mercial... although that could be a small portion of its appeal.

* in England, do they call English muffins just.... muffins? Saskia, shed light please. inquiring minds (Evs) want to know.

* i ate expired hummus for dinner last night... like 7 days expired. i didn't notice until afterwards. felt totally fine until the 10 PM news did a feature on food-born illnesses in the home... seriously? why do they always do that? now, i'm pretty sure i will die before i get to see Anna Post, which would be a shame, really.


  1. confession: we own pro-caulk...don't ask...i'm ashamed.

  2. Yup, English muffins are just called muffins It can get quite confusing as we call American muffins just muffins too!

    Saskia x

  3. Um, I totally saw that news story last night and then proceeded to look in my fridge and realize that you know, 90% of its contents could, you know, kill me. Or something.

  4. funny! i want a Snuggie, so don't worry about the ProCaulk.

    and Emily Post is my hero, so I'd die to meet Anna Post.

  5. haha. I have to agree that the pro-caulk looks legitimate. I fall for infomercials all the time. super-putty? yup--i want that one too

  6. I want a slanket!

    Do you have a clarisonic yet?

  7. i am SO glad to know i'm not the only person who is obsessed with pro-caulk. every time i see that commercial i just want to go rip out the tile in my bathtub to justify purchasing it.


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