Tuesday, January 27, 2009

respuestas, vol. 2

back in the hot seat! {did ya'll see that GMA segment? how lame-wad was that??? but i digress...}

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fabulous miss Bama Belle asks: (1) When are you coming to NYC? I've met the rest of Milltini's loveable friends, I think I need to meet you too.

  • the answer is SOON! as soon as possible! and i would have been up there already if it weren't for all this wedding hullabaloo! NYC is one of my favorite cities + Millitini is one of my favorite people + you are one of my favorite bloggy friends = trip to be planned oh so soon! and actually, Evs has NEVER been to NYC (shocking and ridiculous, i know) - so introducing him to the city is tops on my to-do list once the nuptial craziness dies down! so start planning my itinerary, friend!
(2) How did you and Evs meet? (If this is already posted, just point me in the right direction)

  • we met like total nerdals ... in the law library. my now-maid-of-honor RJB and i were studying for our first round of finals about 5 carrels down from Evs and his friends (they were on their fifth round - Baylor Law goes in quarters... thus = finals 4x per year - ick). we were slap-happy and making too much noise - per usual - and Evs came over to tell us to shut it, but decided against it since we were just oh-so-stunning in our nasty yoga pants and fleeces. Evs and his friend Erik (now a groomsman) kept coming over to us throughout the week to dole out advice and do a little flirting. the first thing i noticed about Evs was he was wearing this really bright red hat - that's what i called him: The Boy in the Red Cap. turned out that Evs knew a bunch of RJB's high school acquaintences from Baylor undergrad so they were chatting on IM, playing the "do you know" game, and she finangled my cell # into the mix. the night finals were over, i was sober driver for RJB's birthday. Evs called me and told me he and his friends were going to be a Crickets (one of Waco's only real drinking establishments). we met them there but then my crowd wanted to go to a house party. i begrudgingly parted ways with Evs and proceeded to get lost in Waco (a tough feat). then a HUGE rainstorm errupted and our groups decided to give up on finding the party and most people got in their respective vehicles and drove home. i was about to head home myself and - it was one of those weird movie-like moments - something told me just to go back to Crickets and be brave and a big girl and go flirt with him! so i did - and got drenched walking back in - looked like a wet rat. but we ended up closing down the bar and driving around and talking until about 3 AM. then he kissed me, carried my shoes to my car under his shirt so they wouldn't get wet (i should have know right then), and said he'd call the next day. i had my doubts - who calls the next day? but he did - and he took me on our first date that night and we've been together ever since! woo hoo!
  • you can read my artistic interpretation of "the meeting" here!
(3) If you could only buy clothes from one store (aside from JCrew) where would it be?

  • oh man. Banana Repubs was my first "adult" love, so i am tempted to pick the Luxe Card over the Nordies Visa. however, i feel that Nordstrom meets all of my needs - shoes, bags, workout gear, jeans, going out clothes, makeup, hang-around-duds, work attire, etc. and N offers all of these items in a range of price points, which is helpful.
  • specifically, the Nordstrom at North Park Mall in Dallas would be my pick - their Salon Shoes section is beyond compare to other locations - definitely my favorite place to shoe shop in Dallas, beating out Neimans and Barneys (whose salespeople always tell me i have massive feet - i wear a size 9 people, i am not exactly Big Foot - give me the damn red shoe).
(4) Do you think you'll ever get another dog or is the Boom enough for now?

  • i think we will DEFINITELY get another puppy - hopefully sometime this year! a yard is one of our top priorities now that we are in the home-hunt-crunch. we still love the Shiba Inu and are still on the Dallas breeder's list for future litters. we are also researching Golden Doodles - i looooove Golden Retrievers and my precious childhood doggie was a Golden-mix. but i hate the shedding and the Golden Doodle mixture helps with the shedding. i definitely want a bigger dog this time - i've always loved big dogs - and i love the Boom so much because she's a big dog trapped in an itty-bitty body! i'm also torn between adopting and another breeder purchase - until we got the Boom, i'd always adopted pets before - but it is really nice to know exactly what you're getting... choices, choices! luckily, puppies are the best so a hard-puppy-choice is still a fun choice!
my new real-time friend SlynnRo asks: Just what are you drinking there?

  • that, my friend, is a frothy piece of Nescafe heaven, being enjoyed on a very hot evening in the Plaka in Athens, Greece. notice my very sexy farmer's tan - acquired after Evs made me see all 6354 billion of Athen's ancient sites in one sweltering day. in return, he had to pretend that we one of those couples that would actually sit and play checkers in a plaza with Euro hipsters and crotchety old men. oh, and he had to wear this hat:
And when can we have our date...to that one store....you know the one...

  • dude, looking at my calendar, i have the weekend of February 8th and 15th wiiiiiiide open and ready for a shopping safari!
my Wednesday coffee buddy Mojito Maven asks: (because I ask everyone this question) What would your American Gladiator name be and why?

  • easy: Sabor Tooth Tiger. because it was my favorite Transformer when i was little! there was also some inside joke at work about something i said about sabor tooth tigers... although i can't remember what the joke was from... but sometimes we still randomly say it with a very coolio hand motion! its all very professional, trust me.
Most embarrassing moment?

  • oh dude. its so bad. so bad that it still makes me ill to think about it. you're going to wish you hadn't asked. but here we go... so i didn't start law school until the February after i graduated college - so i had about 9 mo. to kill. didn't really want to live at home again, and one of my best friends JAJ was starting med school in San Antonio and had an extra room. so I moved to San An and got a job waitressing and bartending at Texas Land & Cattle Co. ("would you like to Texas-size that?" wink, smile). anyhoo, after work, my friend Cami and i would frequent this nearby bar. it was a total dive - loud music, pool tables, smokey, etc. we soon made friends with 2 of the bartenders there, one of which was totally hot but in a very beefy, thick neck, running back from Nebraska sort of way - not my type, but you know. we also knew most of the regulars. anyhoo, i won't go into all the gritty details because my mom does read this blog (hiya mom!), but me and Beefcake started hanging out some (well, once). the next time Cami and i were headed for some drinks, i was really nervous about seeing Beefcake. we'd gone to her house to change and had a couple glasses of wine. and then i chugged a solo cup of wine (classy, i know - i was young, gimme a break). so i'm feeling good, and we go into the bar and Beefcake wasn't there but his friend was working. Cami orders us shots - they end up being Jagger Bombs. i attempt to down mine and end up... puking on the bar. not inside the establishment that we call a bar; not leaned-over-and-hurled-on-my-feet at the bar... ON the bar.
  • you have probably guessed correctly that Beefcake and i did not form a lasting relationship. and it took many batches of home baked chocolate chip cookies for me to become welcome at that bar again. and i can no longer smell Jager. oh, and i'm psychologically scarred for life.
Double date soon?

  • yes, PLEASE!
Favorite drink besides wine?

  • not Jager.
  • another toughie... i love sangria (which is kind of cheating, i admit) and "tinto de verano" which is Southern Spain's version of sangria (again, cheating with the beverage made of wine, sorry). i also love anything with fruit: mango margaritas and blueberry / white grape / pomegranite martinis are among my favs, depending on where i am. i also love champagne cocktails - really doesn't matter what it is - if there is bubbly in it, i probably like it. and, of course, beer (Miller Lite, Shiner Blond, & Blue Moon are my favs).
and last round for now, from another fabulous blog-made-real-friend, Maggie: What's bootcamp like?

  • i love bootcamp! well, scratch that - i love the way bootcamp makes me feel! during the actual working out, sometimes its terrible. its different every day - we do a lot of running drills and basic stregth moves (push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, etc) but its all mixed together and often disguised as a game of sorts. i like that i get a great workout, that i get it out of the way early so i can sit on my butt after work and not feel guilty, and that i don't get bored with it.
  • i would not recommend bootcamp for people who cannot get up in the mornings - i wouldn't consider myself a "morning person" but i can get up if i need to - and if i'm paying for someone to kick my ass at 5:30 AM, then i'll get up simply because i hate to waste money. i also wouldn't recommend bootcamp for people who aren't willing to push themselves - yes, you have someone telling you what to do and generally encouraging you, but you also have 49 other people working out and if you want to, you can cheat. it also helps to have a buddy go with you who is about the same fitness level as you so you won't get stuck with a random partner that slows you down or makes you feel bad for slowing them down.
  • for those of you interested - i've done and highly recommend each of these bootcamps: Dallas - Camp Gladiator; and Austin - Go Fit Bikini Bootcamp.
Is it a fool's errand to think I can be ready for The Dress sans trainer?

  • no, No, NO, i say! (a) i've seen ya girl, you look great! and your dress is going to look ridiculously gorgeous on you! (b) if you have a workout routine and eating habits that work for you already, then all you need is the motivation... which kicked in for me about a month ago (3 mo. before the wedding... 1 mo. before 1st dress fitting). i've been watching what i eat and working out in anticipation for a while now, but i'm currently feeling the crunch and that's a great motivator! i'm doing bootcamp because i need something new everyday to keep me interested in working out and to kick-start some weight loss again - i'm definitely feeling like i'm at a plateau currently. and i've been doing 30 min. strength sessions 2x weekly with the trainer at my work gym because i have never been able to get my arms looking how i want them to look and i figure now is the time to do it. both of these things combined are costing me less than a gym membership.
  • really though, i think its mostly about the food (at least for my body) - which is and always has been my biggest weakness! but i know and you know how to eat well and lose weight healthily - we just have to put on our girl panties and do it - and that's something that no trainer (that i can afford, at least) is going to do!
  • in other words, this entirely too long, blabbering post is meant to say you can do it! cue the cheeseball, Rocky music!


  1. seriously, on the bar? ouch! hahahahhahaha

    that's ok, i was actually drugged at a sorority event and i actually threw up and passed out on my date. then my best friend had to throw me in the shower because she thought i was wasted and had throw up all over me. it wasn't until the next day in the hospital did we realize i had been drugged..oops!

  2. I'm free both of those weekends too.

    And ah, Cricket's. So many youthful nights wasted. But you had to go somewhere when George's closed.

  3. Loved reading your answers!!

    Maybe one day I'll share my completely horrifying drunk/puke story. I still shudder when I think about it, yuk!

    Saskia x


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