Wednesday, January 28, 2009

respuestas, vol. 3

more honest answers from yours truly...

Brooke asks: How did a born and bred Democrat like yourself fare at Baylor law (with the profs and fellow students)? My fiance might end up there, and he is a bit wary of transferring from one conservative school (Bama) to what could be another.
  • that's a really interesting and excellent question! i'll first start off by saying that i really try to hold myself open to all political beliefs, so long as the person i'm talking with is respectful and informed - so i really don't butt heads with people unless they are being belligerent and/or spewing ideas without any reasoning behind them. also, throughout my life, i've almost always been in the minority view - i went to high school that was homogeneous in race, socioeconomic situation, and political viewpoint - college was pretty much the same way. as such, many of my friends are conservative, or in the red, or Republican, or however you want to classify.
  • anyhoo, i totally know how your fiance feels - i'm fond of saying "keep smoking and praying - they both paid for my brain!" {Wake is a Baptist school built by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Baylor Law is a Baptist school built with hundreds of millions of dollars from the largest verdict ever against big tobacco} so like him, i went from one conservative / pretty religious school to another conservative / very religious school. however, the law school is very different from Baylor undergrad and i never felt out of place. in fact, there were quite a few Dems that were gearing up for the '08 election during my last year.
  • the other thing to keep in mind about any law school is that you are guaranteed to get into heavy debates with your fellow classmates - that's what happens when you put a whole bunch of Type-A-ers together and start feeding them all these new concepts. more often than not, these "discussions" will not be about real-world things - they will be about ridiculous lofty, ivory tower, boring-to-anyone-not-in-law-school topics. now, political beliefs can color these debates (especially when you get into constitutional rights, etc) but pretty much, your fiance is going to be obsessing over why the hell the Rule Against Perpetuities still exists in Texas - rather than how Obama's economic plan is coming along!
  • if your fiance (or you!) have any more questions about Baylor Law or law school in general, i'd be more than happy to help - my email is on the sidebar!
AO - i've been waiting for this one all day!!! The Blogivers asks: If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with Mrs. Loomis or Miss Fuller, which one would you choose and why? ;)
  • this might be the toughest question yet... both would be almost equally terrible and i'd probably have to knock myself out with a coconut after about 45 minutes with either... however, my choice would be Bloomis. Bloomis would be my companion on the dessert island for the following three reasons:
  • (1) we all know how Bloomis gets when she's off her hormone meds - while it might get a little freaky on that island, at least she'd be entertaining. (until she started in with the Kilgore Rangerette glory days stories... then i might have to tie her up)
  • (2) Miss Fuller would probably take the whole stranded-on-a-dessert-island thing as an opportunity to put me on an extreme weight loss regimen. and while "anorexic giraffe" might be a good look for her, i get cranky without my carbs.
  • (3) and (i know this is gross, but i'm trying to be practical here), if worse came to worse and i had to revert to cannibalism, i really wouldn't want to have to gnaw on Miss Fuller's teeny little ankle bones for nourishment.
  • ahhhhhhh thanks for the walk down Hyline Memory Lane - i wouldn't mind taking a little time machine back to those Closet Troll Days of Kiddie Camp... but i'll pass on the whole "Kate, why are your arm bones crooked!" and "you're OFF COUNT" moments...shiver, still have nightmares.
the (very pretty) Legallyblondemel asks: What are your top 3 movies of all time? I mean the ones that are your personal, potentially embarrassing favorites, not necessarily the ones you would proclaim publicly as Great Works of Art?
  • oh yay, i'm glad you have picked the topic that enables me to flex my superior intellect!
  • (1) Silence of the Lambs - hands down - the answer would have been the same 8 years ago and it will be the same 50 years from now. yep, kinda weird - my freshman year college roommate thought i was semi-deranged and/or a serial killer in-the-making for the first couple of months because of how much i watch this movie. i love Anthony Hopkins (favorite actor of all time) and Hannibal Lector is my favorite character from literature/film. i love how that he is evil but somehow relatable - which makes him all the more terrifying. Hannibal is also one of my top 3 favorite books - but i'm not a big fan of the movie (other than Sir Anthony's performance, obvs).
  • (2) When Harry Met Sally - i keep my battered VHS copy permanently in my teeny college TV/VCR combo that sits near my bed - i turn it on whenever i can't sleep. it doesn't matter what part i start with, it always makes me smile - every scene is a classic!
  • (3) i know this is a cop-out, but i don't think i can choose ... but its a tie between Clueless; Bye Bye Birdie (w/ the lovely Ann Margaret); Meet Joe Black; and Dirty Dancing. and Elf - love me some Elf - at any time of the year.
my dear MOH, CSP inquires: What are you wearing to the Bachelorette Party this weekend. I for one would like to see pictures so I can choose my outfit.
  • i am wearing a dark teal chiffon mini-dress from BCBGeneration - {which, fyi, is a Juniors brand and sizes differently than regular BCBG (or regular anything, for that matter) - this is something they should TELL you before you go into the dressing room with your normal size after you've been working your ass off for weeks in the gym and you find that said normal size doesn't zip - that is NOT a good moment for someone who is getting married in 59 days}. sorry, rant over. i plan on wearing the dress with black footless tights and black patent peep toes (or maybe the new MK "Berkley" Sandal in gunmetal if i have time to swing by NP tomorrow...)
And just for a shameless shout out- Who is the cutest 18 month old you know?
  • ummmm hello - do we even have the ask? that would be my sweet little-man peanut (obvi):

The Waspy Redhead asks: What are you most anxious about?
  • i'm anxious about losing my identity when i get married - which is pretty irrational, i think, because i have no doubts about who i'm marrying... just the institution of marriage in general, maybe? (and i haven't even seen Revolutionary Road yet). i've always been a very independent person - i love living alone and i love my personal space. but there was a large period of time in my life when, mainly because of my own personal issues, i became completely entrenched in a long-term relationship. when things weren't going right with him or when we were apart, i felt like i couldn't breath. and i found myself apologizing for things that weren't my fault - doing anything to smooth things over, even when that meant silencing my voice. and gladly, the situation couldn't be any more different with Evs (in fact, i'm often too loud and too stubborn to know when i really should apologize for something that i have done) but its definitely still something i think about, however irrational it might be!
  • other anxieties: dirty living spaces; being late; meeting my billable hour requirements in this shitty economy; the large number of women who wear white jeans in December and January in Dallas.
What are you the most confident about?
  • i'm confident that i'm marrying the right person and that, while i'm nervous about merging households, i'm so confident that its going to be a total blast and that we're going to laugh our arses off every day!
  • i'm confident in my ability to generally look on the positive side of things (or at least my ability to bitch about them until they seem humorous).
  • i'm confident in my ability to be a total smart-ass... and my choices in footwear.
and last, but surely not least, The Shabby Princess asks: What does your dream house look like?
  • my dream house has: a red front door; hardwood floors; lots of windows; a sunroom with an overstuffed chair to read in; one of these bathrooms (clawfoot tub, le sigh); an airy kitchen with glass-window cabinets and a big island work-station; Mr. Big's engagement-closet to Carrie Bradshaw; large, old trees; a big back yard for the Boom and a stone patio where me and Evs will sip wine on red Adirondack chairs.
How tall are you?
  • 5'9'' - not sure from where this height came, because both of my parentals are 5'7''! but i love being tall and often wear 3 in heels! luckily, Evs is 6'1''
If you could only wear ONE pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?
  • evil, Evil, EVIL question!!! i hope you appreciate the gravity of this query (i know you do!)... do i go with comfort? um, no, obvs. do i go with the most beautiful pair of shoes i've ever seen? or the most fun?
  • after weighing the options, i am deciding to choose a shoe that has enough pizazz for all-night-boogieing, but still maintains lines smart enough for even the most conservative work place... a perma-classic: Christian Louboutin's Peep-Toe Pump in black patent. this pair meets all of my specifications: they are comfy (well, comfy enough), beautiful, easy to care for, and just the right amount of brand-whore indulgent.
  • 1st runner up? easy-cheesy: Rainbows.
wow. that's a big flip-flop.

thank you all for asking questions! if you ever have any other burning inquiries, i'm always up for talking about myself ;) and you know where i blog.


  1. you continue to crack me up. and who doesn't love a good rainbow? (although i'm still trying to break my new ones in - i figured 5 years later, i needed to give up the ones i got sometime in college after falling flat on my arse since they no longer have any traction.) thanks for answering all of our burning questions! have a great time at your shower this weekend. i can't wait to see the pics.

  2. Your movie choices truly are superior. I actually love "Silence of the Lambs" too & don't think that's a strange choice at all. "When Harry Met Sally" & "Clueless" go without saying, obvs.

    Oh, and from your other repuestas, I hereby request more San Antonio stories, please. Having lived there for a couple of pre-Austin years, I am well versed in that city's dive bars (my husband is a bit of a specialist).

  3. Oh, and California props for picking the Rainbow flip-flops. Hey, that kinda rhymed! ((clapping))

  4. LOVE IT. I think you made a very wise decision. And don't forget that if you had chosen Fuller, you would have been stuck with the "violent head nod"... I don't think I could handle that.

  5. A democrat from Texas? I think I'm in love. :)

    Haha! Cute blog. Can't wait to read more!!

  6. I am LOVING all of your answers, girl! I would be *so* excited to meet up next time I'm in Dallas! It may be around the end of Feb. for my final fitting, will keep you posted! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  7. Good to know! In his current dept (history), some of the more bull-headed conservative (mostly religious) types can really disrupt a class ("This book can't be well-researched because it says that people had sex before they got married and obviously God doesn't want that and therefore it never happened!"), so my fiance is pretty burned out on it. But like you said, hopefully it won't be a problem in a different type of classroom! And at least the mad tobacco money got you a pimped-out library, good for meeting future husbands.

    btw, my Rainbows are about three years old and I just can't replace them because breaking them in was such a labor of love and now they're just perfect. :)

  8. I can't wait to see pics from your bachelorette party. Your dress sounds gorgeous!

  9. Evil, evil answer to my shoe question!!Now I'm going to spent the rest of the day staring at those darling Valentinos (did you know they also come in pink?? And, I like me some pink shoes) and CLs. Le sigh...

  10. Love that my little man made it on the blog!!

  11. Ummmm... I want to be you.

    That is all.



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